[New to DCU] Book Club Week 13

Hey everyone it’s time for week 13. This week took a little longer because I had to readjust the plan this week.

This week we are reading:

Batman #52 <-- Why does Bruce think Mr. Freeze is innocent?
Catwoman #2 <-- Catwoman fights her copycats
Justice League #5 <-- A Legion of Doom issue which ask why Lex is doing all this!
Adventures of the Supersons #1 <-- “The [Super Sons] are back bitches!!!” - Jason Todd

Let me know if you want to continue this series!

Rebirth Highlights: We are reading the last part of Judas Contract! Part 5 is an epilogue which doesn’t really conclude the story. That’s done in Part 4

Teen Titans: The Lazarus Contract Special #1 <-- Can the Titans/Teen Titans take down a speedster Deathstroke?


Batman #52

  1. How can Bruce prove Batman’s Fallibility?
  2. Is Bruce lucky that he got chosen to be on this trial or unlucky?
  3. What is Bruce realizing about himself?


  1. Is Catwoman a villain again, or not?
  2. What’s more interesting Catwoman’s story or the call backs to the first half of Batman?
  3. Is the cliff hanger really a cliff hanger?

Justice League #5

  1. Did this issue frustrate you, or excite you?
  2. Is Lex right about our Nature?
  3. Is the gravity of the situation felt with all the cameos?

Adventures of the Super Sons #1

  1. Does Damian enjoy Jon’s friendship or not?
  2. Is Jon a good foil character for Damian?
  3. What do you think of Rex Luthor?

Rebirth Hightlights:
Teen Titans: The Lazarus Contract Special #1

  1. Is the fight anticlimatic?
  2. Which set up is more interesting
  3. How does Damian and Kid Flash’s relationship here differ from the relationship in the Soft Reboot

Next week:
Detective Comics #986
Flash #52
Hawkman #3
Supergirl #21
Superman #2

For Wonder Woman #52 expect to read it in [World of Wonder] Book Club and Titans #24 will be an extra credit read.

Doomsday Clock will be the next Rebirth Highlights (which will start in 2 weeks)

Hmmm JL 5…and catch up on last week’s real soon