[New to DCU] Book Club Week 12

Sorry everyone for the delay. I forgot to store the post into a google docs before I sent it. Long Story short. I had written the post and was eating ramen when some water got on one of my keys. I clicked the key and somehow exited the post and lost it.

The titles this week are:

  • means title you can read without prior knowledge

*Action Comics #1001 - The beginning of the new Action Comics run. There are secrets in Metropolis who work in the shadows. New villains are introduced.

Detective Comics #985 - Batman has said his allies make him weaker. So without his allies, can Batman beat Karma. Or will Karma beat Batman?

*Justice League Dark #1 - Magic is dying and Wonder Woman is Magical? It’s time to create a magic justice league!

The Flash #51 - The epilogue of the thrilling Flash War. How is Wally feeling? How is Iris? How is I guess everyone? The set up to the next 50 issues of the Flash is here!

*Teen Titans #20 - Damian has gone rogue. Kid Flash has gone rogue. Who is Roundhouse? Who is Djinn? Who is Crush? This new direction is Suicide Squad meets Teen Titans.

*Action Comics #1001

  1. Do you like the design of Red Cloud?
  2. Who do you think Red Cloud is?
  3. Do you think the Invisible Mafia will be able to work is secret for a while?

Detective Comics #985

  1. Similar to the Invisible Mafia, was Karma more successful when he tried to avoid Batman or less?
  2. Is praising Batman dangerous?
  3. Did Batman truly win the first fight in the book?

*Justice League Dark #1

  1. What was your favorite visual?
  2. How many characters at the Magic Meeting did you know?
  3. Is Wonder Woman deserve to be on Justice League Dark?

The Flash #51

  1. How does knowing the basics of Heroes in Crisis, change the feel of this story?
  2. Did Kid Flash going rogue make more sense after this issue?
  3. How do you feel about Commander Cold and Barry living together?

Teen Titans #20

  1. Which new character is your favorite? (Roundhouse, Djinn, or Crush)
  2. Is Damian right about the revolving door that is Arkham?
  3. Is his solution better?

Thanks everyone !!! Sorry I’m slow this week. Next week will be on time!!


Wow this is a tough week because there are so many comics I really want to read in this pile. hope I can figure this out!!!

For sure I want to read Flash 51 and the Detective Comics selection to keep following those stories.

I’m very tempted to start the Action in particular as of follows the Man of Steel we just read.

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@don in my youth, I read even more comics…

  1. Do you like the design of Red Cloud?
    Yes I do. It seems like a villain who should already exist. I do still feel that she is under utilized but that is to be expected given that there have been so few issues in the run so far.
  2. Who do you think Red Cloud is?
    I guessed it right way back when it came out. I won’t spoil it though.
  3. Do you think the Invisible Mafia will be able to work is secret for a while?
    It seems to me like they have done a very effective job hiding. However I am under the impression that they are running out of time and that Leviathan is putting them TOO much in the spotlight.

Okay pending list of the top remind myself to read flash 51 today!

*Justice League Dark #1

  1. What was your favorite visual?

My favorite was Wonder Woman’s entrance when she shows up at Zatanna’s show. I’m a sucker for a good super hero entrance. The colors were great. Man-Bat transforming, certain shots of the street at night, and Constantine’s appearance were other images I appreciated.

  1. How many characters at the Magic Meeting did you know?

Just spoke about this on the other thread, but quite a few. A lot were named so those were easy to get.

  1. Is Wonder Woman deserve to be on Justice League Dark?

Yes! I believe she does. She’s always surrounded by magic. She’s no less deserving than Detective Chimp or Man-Bat.


@nu52 the zatanna show is great but I love the scene where Swamp Thing and Zatanna look at the tree of Wonder.


Flash 51, the epilogue:

  1. how does knowing about HiC affect reading this? I haven’t read any of Heroes in Crisis yet, but I would have to live in a hole with no internet not to have heard the ending for Wally. Yeah, as I was reading this and the Sanctuary subject came up, it took me by surprise.
    1. Kid Flash going rogue, well, his personality is being defined more for sure. Some of us have short fuses, learn to cope with it, but it can be tough on friendships for sure when that’s the case. Me I’m mainly mellow yellow cool, but try bullying or manipulating me, and Kid Flash appears…
  1. I’m all in on the TV Flash show when Captain Cold and Flash end up working together, and Captian Cold’s run on DC Legends of Tomorrow was a fav of mine. I like seeing the Commander here, esp when he tells Flash that Wally is his favority Flash, lol.

This was the scene that broke the easy landing denouement feeling of this issue and gave it the “horror” premonition twist, even in the dialogue later:

I actually haven’t seen legends of tomorrow season 1. (Watching Season 4 now though)

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Aw man, I got to go recharge my power ring so I can finish up the other two new arrival comics I wanted to read from this fine curated list tomorrow!

Is it a coincidence my dad spent his life working in a caboose?

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I have no idea. It was also like the 40s right? I mean trains were still bigger than planes


Believe it or not, trains are still running. I’m planning on taking the Via across a lot of Canada in a couple years.


Action #1001

Wow, Bendis figured out how to have a crime organization work in Metropolis. The Red Cloud is super evil! Meeting in a lead lined tank to conspire, awesome!

The rumor that Lois ran off with Superman…eeeeyoooow!

So it seems the arson was a clue and a loose end that must not be repeated. A renegade crime leader took it on himself to use arson to “distract” the Big Blue when other crimes were taking place, little realizing he was only revealing this secret crime world…“where there’s smoke…” etc…

Bendis is being quite daring trying to make Superman’s challenges street-level. Let’s see how this plays out. Clark isn’t Bruce.

to try to answer the questions on Action 1001: I do like the design of Red Cloud, she looks like molten lava. I have no idea who she could be --hopefully not the female version of Metamorpho of yore. I think now that the one member resorted to setting fires everywhere, Superman will become aware of this secret circle of crime.

Detective Comics 985

I think deliberately confronting Batman can never end well. I admit I’m also a little weary of villains who want to “school” and “make better” the heroes.

I guess it’s ok to praise Batman when he is in the right.

Last question: Batman is now paying for going from defender to JUDGE on this guy in the past. He didn’t need to use the fear gas and the rest on Karma.

So far so good, the comic went by quickly. The art is really good.