[New to DCU] Book Club Week 10

Hey everyone!! It’s week 10 of the New to DCU book club. Remember, if you only read 1 book on the list please share your thoughts. If you want to catch up, check the comments and know I make sure there are entrance points when possible. This week that’s Superman #1 and Titans #23!

This week we are reading:
Superman #1 <-- The start of Bendis’s the Unity Saga!!
The Flash #50 <-- The climax of Flash War
Detective Comics #984 <–The building back of the Outsiders
Hawkman #2 <-- expanding on the reveals of #1 and truly starting the mystery.
Titans #23 <-- the true start of Abnett’s short lived Titans Run.


Superman #1

  1. Is being Superman lonely?
  2. What do you think of the end reveal?
  3. Is the space stuff with the Dominators TOO convient?

Flash #50

  1. What do you think of THAT characters return?
  2. Is Wally II developing too fast?
  3. Do you think Wally I is the fastest man alive?

Detective Comics #984

  1. Does Batman’s.conclusion at the end make sense?
  2. Who is Cassandra’s connection to humanity now that Clayface is gone.
  3. Is Jefferson too obedient?

Hawkman #2

  1. Create the most unique hawkman.
  2. Did Khufu and Carter understand each other?
  3. what do you think will happen on Dinosaur island?

Titans #23

  1. rate the pacing 1-10.
  2. is the mental link useful or hurtful?
  3. do you like the next time on approach to the end?

Thanks Commenyt 1 is everything you should read to catch up!


Batman #48-50
Justice League #1-3
Superman #1
Flash #46-50
Hawkman #1
Titans Special #1
Teen Titans Special #1
Detective comics #983-984
Green arrow #41-42

Justice League: No Justice #1-4
Man of Steel #1-6

Not recommended
Plastic man #1
Batman: Prelude to the Wedding

On your marks, get set…READ!!!

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Everything this week ranked

  1. Flash #50 - Big in scale with lots of heart.
  2. Hawkman #2 - Mysterious with each question asking more questions
  3. Detective Comics #984 - The teams development is fun and jefferson Pierce learned ALOT
  4. Superman #1 - Superman feels tragic and heartbreaking.
  5. Titans #23 - Misses the mark due to its confusing focus. The ideas in the comic haven’t been reflected in a single other series so its off putting.
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Flash 50 is next on my list… I seem to recall it’s super-sized, so I’ll need some time tomorrow to get that in!

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It’s like 8 pages longer. Not that big of a deal.

Flash 50. Very satisfying end of this particular storyline. Even if they did lose horribly, can no longer travel in time and two of their worst villains are now on the loose… other than that, great story lol.

They haven’t really explain much about all these different forces and you know the slow for us and all that you have obviously Justice Leagues in a dig in real well on all that.

  1. You better believe I was glad to see him pulse come back one of the saddest things in the flash point event was Impulse being Lost in Time at the end.

  2. For Wally 2 is, it’s kind of nice to see him developing his own personality, warts, anger issues and all.

  3. Concerning Wally 1, the story makes it obvious he is now the fastest Flash; however, he may not have the most endurance. So Barry can still run longer than Wally but not as fast, kind of like The Tortoise and the Hare story I suppose.

Don-El I like that idea for 3 about endurance. I may be a good sprinter but in a long race I might not be as good.

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