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Hey everyone! Welcome to our humble abode!! Thanks to everyone who joined us last week and anyone joining us for the first time this week! This club is for those who WANT to get into current comics that are just arriving on DCU. This month we will be playing catchup a little and reading two books a week instead of one. HOWEVER, I’ve chosen an A title and a B title so you can read whichever one you like more! The A title being the STRONG recommendation and the B being a less important one.

February/March Schedule


Week 2
B: Nightwing: Night Terrors #1-6

Week 3
A: Crossover: Wonder Woman: Just War!
B: Justice League Odyssey: Ghost Sector #1-5

Week 4
A: Adventures of the Supersons Vol. 1!!
B: Deathstroke: Arkham

Week 5
A; Flash Force Quest #58-63
B: Green Arrow Finale

Week 6
A: Detective Comics #994-#1000


So let’s talk about Nightwing: Knight Terrors

Official Description

A young Dick Grayson hopes to escape the shadow of the Bat and earn the title of Nightwing, while an older Dick Grayson must deal with a blow he did not see coming. A common enemy unites the timelines: the Scarecrow! This story explores the mythology and nightmarish development of classic Batman villain Dr. Jonathan Crane! This great new jumping-on point is perfect for readers wanting to catch up with Dick Grayson! Collects issues #50-56.
Writer: Fabian Nicieza, Scott Lobdell, Benjamin Percy
Artist: Christopher Mooneyham, Travis Moore, Garry Brown
Cover: Christopher Mooneyham

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Nightwing #50-56


  1. Is this your first time reading Nightwing: Night Terrors?
  2. What was your favorite moment in the story?
  3. How did you feel about Ric Grayson (in the volume, not generally speaking)
  4. How do you feel about Ric Grayson generally speaking
  5. How do you feel about the new Nightwings
  6. How do you feel about the title: Knight Terrors
  7. Is Scarecrow compelling and/or used to good effect?
  8. Should we keep reading the series?
  • Yes
  • No

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I would love to hear your general reactions to the story as well!

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Primer: If you want one because you want to get more background context before you start, let me know!

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