New to DCU 5/7/19

This week on DCU:

  • The Summer of Events begins!!
    Starting with DC Nation #0, the DC Universe is beginning there summer plans. This summer will feature 5 major storylines: The Wedding, Flash War, Bendis Superman, Synder’s Justice League, and the Sink Atlantis Crossover. Get a preview to Three of those events on DC Nation #0
    For extra coverage on the details of The Summer of Events check out my article on it1

-Nightwing has a new Creative Team
In retrospect, this run of Nightwing is short because Percy didn’t like the post #50 direction King wanted. (Purposefully Vague for DCU Readers). However, it is a great spot to start reading Nightwing! For those curious Benjamin Percy will be writing Nightwing until the end of #50. After #50 Scott Lobdell takes over will issue #58. Then Dan Jurgens takes over to today. (Not including Sam Humphries one volume run) (Yeah, Nightwing’s fallen apart a little)

-Jurgens Action Comics ends
Action Comics officially comes to an end with a Special. Like Tomasi said, “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” For those looking to the future of DC Superman though DC Nation #0 is here!

Action Comics Special #1 <-- Located in Action Comics (2016 at the beginning)
Batman #46
Bombshells Chapter 37
Curse of Brimstone #2
Cyborg #22
DC Nation #0 <```

  • Big Comic (FCBD)
    Deathstroke #31
    Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #5
    Green Arrow #40
    Green Lanterns #46
    Harley Loves Joker #1
    Nightwing #44
    Shade the Changing Woman #3

Volumes Starting:

Nightwing Bleeding Edge
Nightwing #44-49

Justice League: No Justice (Sortof)
DC Nation #0 Justice League Story

Action Comics: Man of Steel (Sortof)
DC Nation #0 Superman Story

Volumes Ending:
Action Comics: Booster Shot
Action Comics #993-999
Action Comics Special #1

DCU Entrance Points of the Week

Nightwing #44 ← The Start of a new run.

Things to know: Nightwing lives in Bludhaven right now, a unique city with some similar aspects of Gotham, only less dark and tourism heavy.

DC Nation #0 ← Three stories that are entrance points HOWEVER None of the stories are super clear on what’s going on. They are just teasers.

Things to Know: Batman is marrying Catwoman

THAT’S WHAT’S NEW TO DCU! (Oh hey it rhymed! Which I totally knew… )

-Nathan.Payson (You’re friendly neighborhood reporter)


Rebirth Nightwing has been very hit and miss, but I’ll give Percy’s arc a whirl since it’s here as I adore his Green Arrow work.

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I really liked both Steeley and Humphies takes!

Of course in 60 issues, we’ve had

Steeley --> Fantastic
Humphries --> Great but needed more time
Percy --> Okay
Lobdell --> Dreadful
Jurgens --> TBD

Event Leviathan has me interested in Bendis at DC.
Hoping he’ll end up on the Green Arrow relaunch.

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Seeley was the best writer on Rebirth Nightwing, but he had the advantage of coming over from Grayson and effectively continuing his story from that book.

When does Jurgens’ run on Nightwing start?

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Jurgens has only had one issue of Nightwing so far (Issue #59) It’s unfortunately saddled in the Ric Grayson storyline which I hope ends sooner rather than later. Nightwing was one of my favorite titles under Seely but it’s really been struggling since he left and the amnesia storyline is really dragging the title down

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Thanks for posting this. Incredibly helpful as I’m trying to catch up on my Rebirth books.

@petey it should be over this July for the year of the villain

Hi there! Will older issues (not the ones that are less than 12 months) be added on a more frequent basis? And, is there a place to get a list when those older issues become available? Thanks!
PS: I love what DC Universe is doing!!! Keep up the great work!

Yes, every week!

They come to Comixology at the same time. Last week was challengers of the unknown.

@arod check the post that says New Comics digitized this week.

I thought there might be a new issue of Doomsday Clock.

BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-ha-ha… ha…



Doomsday Clock #5 came out on May 30, 2018.
I expect it to come to DC Universe on June 4th.