New to DC universe

Haven’t spent a lot of years reading comics. What is your opinion about where I should start here? What should I read?

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Batman New 52
Or go back to No Mans Land (its Batman too, but a while back)
Wonder Woman is really good too. Start with issues after 2000

I started again like 5 years ago. I’ve read basically the whole Bat family since around 2000, and I’m totally in the loop now. Batman, Nightwing, Justice League, Batgirl, Detective Comics, Teen Titans, Huntress, Grayson… there’s a lot. Just read what you like. Grayson is really cool. It’ll make you want to go back and read more stuff. Obviously though, Batman.

If you want to get a great backstory and lore of Wonder Woman, George Perez’s run is a great starting point

Year One, Hush, Long Halloween, Dark Victory, New 52, No Man’s Land

Green Lantern
Geoff John’s run on the title

New 52 is a good starting point to get a basis.

Depending on the characters you’d want to catch up or know more about, that requires some research based on your preference. I’d google story arcs and origins to read.

Omnibus’s or trade paperbacks are great to read from.


BatmmmMango is correct on all those.

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