New to comics where to start?

Hey y’all I’m pretty new to comics in general, I’ve read a few here and there. I know the backgrounds of the main characters, and don’t want to spend to much time rereading origin story’s. What are some suggestions to start reading? Stories that start after the origin stories? Things like that. I love batman and titans, Harley and such. But I’m also interested in other characters that have great runs. Anything would be helpful!
Thanks y’all!


If you don’t know much about DC

Watch Secret Origins Siory of DC Comics. it covers DC Comics up to the the big three British Authors Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison

It only takes an hour and a half and gives you a solid background in the History of DC Comicd

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There are start Reading Guides

Dick Grayson
The Flash
The Teen Titans
Wonder Woman

Storylines in Browse can also be sorted
that makes it easier to find great Batman Storylines among other characters.

My short list of best DC stories is found at

My Super Hero Genre History lists significant DC Titles and issues
It is by year each post for starting year to
Find issue or titles that might interest you
After Crisis on Infinite Earth is year 1986

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Welcome to comic books. If you are interested in reading about specific characters, like Batman, Superman, or anyone else, the comic book section has a Get to Know area you can check out. There is also a storyline section which is really cool too.
If you are relatively familiar with what’s been happening though, I’d recommend Dark Nights Metal or Blackest Night which are really cool. But if you just want to have fun reading stuff, I’d recommend the Super Sons (2017), or some of the Superman and Batman stuff. I’d definitely recommend DC Rebirth #1 because that’s basically the start of the new rebirth era.


Perfect! Thank you very much


Thanks I hadn’t seen the get to know area yet I’ll check that out now!


If you like Batman I suggest Scott Snyder new52 run. The court of owls has become one of the better new storylines in Batman in awhile.

Also since you said you like Batman maybe you like some of the robins. For that I suggest Young Justice the one from the 90s that has Tim Drake as the leader. For Jason Todd Rebirth Red Hood & The Outlaws. For Damian someone already mentioned it but Super Sons one of the best duo dynamics since their fathers. Not to sure on Dick Grayson but everyone seems to love Nightwing when he was in bludhaven


Any Swamp Thing, Zatanna, or Martian Manhunter.


Welcome! I loved Injustice, Supersons, DCEASED. Also I recommend the comics in Batman 52 by Sunder!


Hello and welcome! You say you like Harley. I would recommend Gotham City Sirens I’m halfway from finishing it and it have been pretty fun to read so far and it skip the origin part, just mention some of it.

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I recommend checking out the selections made by our reading clubs. For instance:

  1. DCU Book Club and Acquired Taste Book Club are currently looking at Birds of Prey stories.

  2. World of Wonder is looking at crossovers between Wonder Woman and members of the Birds of Prey.

  3. Characters of DC is highlighting Huntress, while DC Pride and New to DCU are featuring the Teen Titans.

And that’s just a sample of what’s currently going on in the Community Events forum!