New Titans Live-Action Series; Not Good

I don’t think that the new live-action teen Titans show is really all that good. to me it just doesn’t make any sense and I really enjoyed the paint teen Titans from '03 and the new teen Titans comic books from the 80s and 90s. I understand that creating a television show after a comic book or cartoon, making this adaptation there will be some different variations to the actual product that is being made but I just feel, instead of minor changes or making it able to work in a live-action television setting they pretty much just changed everything entirely and made it really dumb down. I would like to further my writings on my opinion of the show but I guess I will wait until I hear some of the opinions from any of you. Also I really do hope the Doom patrol show is going to be good.


I think you’re kind of in the minority


It’s not good, it’s great. My second favorite comic book show ever.

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Personally, I thought the production value and the action and that stuff was pretty good. But I think it has some problems as well.
I get that it’s a new show and they are trying to push that they aren’t the “teen” titans anymore. But they really just went on as if being the teen titans never even happened . And how come Raven and Beast Boy are still teenagers, then? I think the show would have been better if they assumed the audience knew that they were already a group and they treated it kind of like a JL movie. Super hero group - oh look some villains - kick said villains’ butts- next story line. Or even if it was a multiple-episode encounter with a villain or something would have been cool.
Instead, we got this real slow burn of Starfire trying to get over some alien amnesia (wtf) and again, Raven and Beast Boy are still teenagers, and everyone is meeting each other for the first time, etc.
Just my two cents.

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I liked it, and I’m ready for more

It wasn’t so much the changes as much as it was the story they were trying to tell and how they were telling it. There was a lot of sloppy writing and some lazy editing mistakes that made it through. I’m hoping the second season is better. The only episode in Titans I loved was The Doom Patrol, which gives me hope that the Doom Patrol show will be great.


I could see why people didn’t like it. Some of the dialogue in some places were mediocre

If you don’t get ·· outta here

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It’s not a show for everyone, especially considering the first season was just “decent”, but I see the potential in there.

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I like it but the one thing I really hate was the episode 11 we didn’t get a chance to see Batman face and the Suit was not as good as I hope but I’m hoping that Season two is better and hopefully they do something better.

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I am pleased to see many replies. I would now like to add some of my thoughts of why they ruined what could have been a decent attempt at a live version of one of my favorite super hero groups.

For starters if you really enjoy this program then I assume you don’t know much about the Titans. Let me explain.

So, this show is taking most of it’s elements form the 80’s “the new teen Titans” and a little bit from the original silver age and bronze age I have noticed. As I said before I understand making some changes to adapt to a live-action show. That being said why did the change all the characters I know and love?

Dick Grayson - So here we have the first Robin and not at all the Robin that I know. Explain to my why Dick is a psychopathic murder? Why is he filled with belligerent rage and goes crazy? Do the writers do this to make it appealing for a broader and edgy audience? Also he’s like mid 20’s.

Starfire - Ok so what is happening here? Why didn’t they just stick with the original appearance of her? Hostage on an alien ship and runs to earth. What is this European mafia concept? Why is she not orange? Her outfit and personality is awful. Also did no one that made this know who Starfire is? Just because her name has fire in it doesn’t mean that’s her ability. You could literally call her Fire women and I would not think “No way, that’s Starfire!”

Raven - Wow. Could they take a more amazing, profound and powerful character and make her a Gothic whiney teenage girl. Not to also say that the actress attempting to play her is as bad as teenage actors come. The storyline for her so far is not good. I don’t understand why they took the original anger emotion that Raven tries to control and put it in the show as some split personality/crazy voice that haunts her. I just think they missed their chance to make a great character into a live version.

Cyborg - Oh yeah

Beast boy - He’s not green? What? No money in the Budget to make him green all the time. All he can do is change into a tiger? This really upsets me sense I really like beast boy as a character, but they just went and made him really watered down with having him not be able to do the main thing his character capable of. He also lacks a good sense of humor switch the comics and cartoon version had plenty of. Something that also confused me was why did they make him steal games from a store? I thought he was a good guy.

Over all; I found the show to be poorly written, produced and executed. The acting is god awful. The character development isn’t present. They take some elements from the comics, yet ruin them at the same time. And I feel that they are just trying to gain the appeal of a wide range of viewers and young adults with a dark and edgy story and presents rather than making some that comic and super hero fans would really enjoy.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear more from everyone!

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I’d love to disagree, but as I try to find something I actually liked about the show, I find myself grasping at straws. It’s a bunch of less interesting, more angsty versions of characters I like (or at least don’t mind) getting shockingly little development for eleven hours.

First, between this show and Arrow, it’s blatantly obvious that the folks at DC just want to make a live-action Batman show. OK, that’s fine. I mean, Batman’s a little overexposed (and I say this even though he’s my favorite character), but if you’re just going to tease us about the hypothetical Batman show we could be watching, then just make a Batman show.

Second, somebody tell the writers that there are characters other than Dick. Again, of the comic versions of the four featured characters, Dick is by far my favorite, but come on. To begin with, I find him drastically less likable or sympathetic here, so I’d like to see a bit more of the others. Like, supposedly this is all about Raven, so what does she actually think about everything that’s going on? Does Gar have any thoughts about goring a guy in tiger form? Who actually is Kory? Not her backstory, mind you, but as a person? Instead, we get “Dick Grayson is super violent and has daddy issues and he’s sad about it and is basically Jason Todd” over and over again for eleven hours. Seriously, I think I would’ve just 'fessed up and called the show “Nightwing” instead of “Titans.”

Third, it feels like nothing happened. A movie can put a superhero team together in under two hours. This show spends eleven hours and there’s still no indication that their little group is at all permanent, especially since they’ve all broken up like two or three times. On that note, I make fun of Avengers: Infinity War for going on for two and half hours and not having time for an ending, but boy howdy does Titans have Marvel beat.

Fourth, if Angela was evil and working for Trigon all along, why did she do… ANYTHING she did before? Why’d she leave Raven with the nuns who locked her up? Why’d she leave Raven with her adoptive mother from the beginning? Why did Trigon’s other minions have to lock her up? Why did she actually help everybody escape when her job would be easier if she sold them out then and there?

Fifth, so… Did Dick blow up all those guards and people in the Trigon-minion building? Like, he complains about the darkness and violence, but then blows up a building full of people. I feel like this is squarely his fault.

Sixth, Batman’s cape is CGI. Batman’s CAPE is CGI. Could you not afford a real cape?

… The Doom Patrol was pretty fun, though.


Thanks for your input! Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on it. I loved the Doom Patrol too and can’t wait for the show that I’m hoping isn’t hot garage. I don’t understand why the effects and CGI are used at all because it looks horrible. Do they have a budget of a Sun dance movie here or something?

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I thought the show was pretty good. There were several issues I had with it. But overall, I enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to ther next season.

That said, no one else in my household wanted to watch it with me. That includes my wife, my daughter (17), or my son (13). Actually my son watched it all, and he was upset if I watched ahead without him. But getting him to sit down and watch it was a struggle.

So, regardless of how much I enjoyed it, I can see the evidence that the show simply didn’t pull in viewers.

I thought the show was perfect. It’s a tv show, it’s going to tell a story that makes since to tell within the confines of a tv show. If your main criticism is that it’s not enough like the comic books maybe you should turn your tv off and pick up a comic. I mean that with all due respect because at the end of the day we are all entitled to our opinions. I enjoyed the liberties they choose to take with the characters, the hawk and dove subplot was amazing and the overall super heroes on a road trip story was really cool and unique. And don’t get me started on that finale!! In my opinion it was one the best interpretations of both Gotham and Batman I have ever seen on a screen.


Glad to hear your opinion and enjoyment of the show. I know i try and compare any new adaptation to the comics or the older animations.

Still I just can’t get behind the fact that they changed the characters so drastically.

Young Justice has been the show Titans wishes it was.

Titans needs to go sit in the corner, crank up the Lincoln Park and cut themselves in a Hot Topic while spending there parents money who they think hate them.

There are 90’s bad girl comic books that have more depth to them.

If y’all had a $1.25 to spend on CGI perhaps they should have focused on just the street level crime and avoid using Raven, Starfire and Beastboy all togther.

After all, the Hawk dove and Jason Todd episode where the best of the season.
I would have loved to see Roy Harper, Wally West from arrowverse.
However I like that this is a DCU with Supes, Bats and WW active now for years. That would have been a huge Retcon to the Arrowverse but one I would welcome.

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When I watched the pilot episode I wasn’t sold on the series yet. I didn’t like what they were doing with Dick Grayson. Although his character has improved tremendously since the pilot, I still don’t think they really nailed his character. They never gave any payoff for him acting dark and edgy and being WAY too brutal. That’s just never Dick Grayson’s character in any medium. Otherwise I’ve really enjoyed the show and I think they pretty much figured out the other characters pretty well. It’s a slow burn but I think it works well for great story telling. I just wish they would go ahead and cast a Batman so we can get a Dick/Bruce scene which will pay off Dick’s season 1 arc and lead him to become Nightwing. I’m pretty excited for season 2!

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Yeah I had to watch BTAS Robins Reckoning again after that Tony Zuko incident just to feel clean again.

I did like the twist of Dick Grayson as a cop.
It worked here whereas in 3rd Darkknight film it was so tacked on and offputting that the cops “real name” was “Robin” or whatever dumb thing that was.

I will admit to loving the Donna Troy episodes.
I feel like they got her right. I hope we get more of her next season and see her and young Robin alongside the original less traumatized sidekicks including Aqualad kid flash and speedy.