New Teen Titans Omnibus

This is a question for mods. In the DC Universe special hosted by Kevin Smith we were told that people who had pre-ordered DCU before the airing of that special would be receiving an omnibus in the mail. Any news on when those will be shipped out? Thanks!

You are mistaken. It was for people who had their questions answered on the live steam. I know he says something else but trust me it was just for the questions. You have to remember it was live so they couldn’t edit mistakes.

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Mods, can you please make a thread and sticky it? Sick of seeing this question asked.


Oh okay. wish they had clarified that, thanks for clearing it up!

omg lol

too funny…i was wondering the same thing, and just sent in an email request to DCUniverse about this. it clearly states that everyone that pre-ordered would receive it!