New Teen Titans Confusing Reprints

Is it true that the New Teen Titans Omnibus vol. 1 (with 684 pages) has the The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #18, but the New Edition of the Omnibus (688 pages) does not?

Is that issue included in the trade paperbacks?

Also, to condense those two questions into one, what would be the best way to purchase the New Teen Titans with a goal of getting all the issues?

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AFAIK, that digest is not in the current trade run that began a few years back.

As far as getting all of the issues of the series, I would go with the regular trades since those are much further along than the omnibuses and come out quicker and are obviously cheaper.

Thank you for responding.

If I am understanding correctly, you said The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #18 is NOT in the trade paperbacks, yet that is the version you recommend?

Right. The New Teen Titans Volume One (released in September 2014) has issues 1-8.

I think the Best of DC Digests were collections before there were collections/trades so the content in that digest should be reprinted material that can also be found in the regular NTT trades. I don’t know offhand if the Best Of books featured new content but the ones I have feature reprints only so that’s what I have to go off of.

I’m pretty sure the first volume of NTT in trade does include the material from DC Comics #16 as well as the first eight issues of the series proper.

When I looked at the content covered in both the DC Comics app and cross-referenced with both Amazon and Wikipedia, the only collection that seems to have The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #18 is the older version of the New Teen Titans Omnibus vol. 1. So, if I am trying to collect all the content covered, which the digest included the new story “Revival”, then I would either look into the archives, like you mentioned @Vroom the Best of DC collection, or the Omnibus.

And I don’t know why I said it’s called “Revival” because it is called “Reunion”.

Anyways, I am receiving the New Teen Titans vol. 1 Trade paperback, so if it is missing the digest, I may either have to buy an archive with the digest or the omnibus. Either way, I would be lying twice for some issues, but, oh well, that’s life (and at least my money is going towards something I like).


The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest is only reprinted in the large HC Omnibus. The New Teen Titans Omnibus (DC, 2011 series) #1 (2011) and The New Teen Titans Omnibus (DC, 2017 series) #1 (2017)

You can search GCD for more information on any collected edition. Here’s the link to the Best of Digest

Thank you for the information. According to Amazon though, the 2017 New Teen Titans Omnibus does not have the digest.

But, I will take a look at the link when I go online.

i bpught the new edition and it did have the digest in it.

Interesting, thank you.

The new version of the omnibus does have the digest story in it, between issues 12 and 13.

Awesome. Thank you. Having two people confirm this means I will check it out. Would be nice if Amazon and the back of the book updated to list it.