In the first episode of DC Daily, Kevin Smith showed a beautiful New Teen Titans book that he said was going to everyone that preordered. I had preordered I the first week available and have not seen this. Have these gone out? Has anyone received one?

It was only if your question got featured.

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Wow really!? I need to find this episode of Daily! I preordered too for the 15 month promo! I also just got into Teen Titans through DCU and would love something like this. Mods? Or anyone with answers?

I say that Kevin smith episode and he said all paying members get a copy of that book I want mine

Right, it was on all pre-orders. They were also giving away the compendium if the question was read on the program.

That’s not what was said at all.

If your question got read live you got a free year of DCU. If you had already signed up for DC then you got the book.

It’s not that hard people.

Sorry, folks. This has been discussed ad nauseum. One member even provided the exact time on the video where it is discussed.

The only people who get the book are those whose messages were read on the show.

You may not like this, but it is the way it is. We’ve discussed this topic over and over and over again (yeah the search function sucks) and it is DC’s position that what Smith meant was what I posted above.

If they didn’t read your message on air, you won’t get a copy. If that upsets you, contact DC.