New T-shirts! (Speedster friendly)

After searching amd searching I finally found the shirts I wanted: Godspeed and Future Flash.

What do you got for superhero shirts?


I have a T-shirt with Wally West’s rebirth costume. I was contemplating getting it signed by Tom King right after Heroes in Crisis #1 came out.

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Those are awesome! I have quite a collection of superhero related shirts too. Central City Track Team is a favorite.

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I’ve an awesome Superman emblem shirt the Texas Lone Star flag substituting for the red. I also have t-shirt that has Superman, Batman, GL & The Flash all mashed up into one character.


I really like the shirts that indirectly reference the comics world. Wayne Technology is a favorite, of course Star Labs. I have a Metropolis University and a Gotham University one. It’s funny to see the double takes when folks figure out the meaning.

Would love to get a Matches Malone shirt.

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