New Superman?

So who should replace Henry Cavill as our new Superman? Can I put in a vote for Sam Claflin

No one just yet…#teamcavill


Michael B Jordans name is being thrown around. I vote for someone new and unknown, preferably big and ripped. Tired of all these skinny Supermans lol.

Bruce Campbell

I like him I think he should stay. I mean I didn’t like the thought of Ben being Batman, but he proved me wrong. So I’m open minded now.

We need a revamp this is all to heart breaking!! </3

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Tom Welling?


Welling is too old to be Superman but I could get behind bringing back Smallville as an animated series which the cast tossed around. I also saw someone suggest CGI Christopher Reeve which is unrealistic but would be incredible

Henry Cavill is the perfect stoic Superman,have you watched his other movies,he comes off like Superman,but more suave.

He is still Superman it was apparently fake

Still want a black Kryptonian in all entertainment media. Val Zod

I like Cavill as Superman hadn’t seen that it was not a factual report…but also what is this video :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: