New Suicide Squad Movie

For those following my topics and posts; apparently, the next movie in the DC lineup is the new Suicide Squad Movie. It is due out this coming summer of 2021. We know that the previous Suicide Squad Movie focused on Harley Quinn and her situation. What are you thoughts on the upcoming movie? Do you think it will be linked to the other movies? And do you think there will be hints to the future movies planned to come out?

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If DC was smart, they would be selling Real Looking Starro Masks already so that those that choose to see Suicide Squad in Movie Theaters can all wear Starro Masks! Imagine a whole Audience wearing Masks that look like their Faces are being sucked on by Starros while they are watching Suicide Squad! What a Publicity Stunt that would be!

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Can’t wait for the movie honestly


Here is Starro mask a friend, Marky Make up made! I wore this to see Suicide Squad in movie theater.