New Spotify Series Starring Christina Ricci as Harley Quinn

Calling all Harley Quinn fans!

Spotify has announced that a new upcoming audio series will star Christina Ricci as Harley Quinn. This series, titled Harley Quinn & The Joker: Sound Mind will be a dark psychological thriller featuring the iconic Gotham criminal couple.

This audio series will provide listeners with a dark look into Harley’s perspective, and her unravelling into the criminal powerhouse she’s known as today.

A DC Comics blog post reads:

Leading the cast as Harley is Christina Ricci, the Addams Family and Sleepy Hollow star who recently scored an Emmy nomination for her role in Yellowjackets . Joining her will be No Time to Die’s Billy Magnussen as the Joker and Justin Hartley (This is Us ) as Batman. DC fans will know that this is hardly Hartley’s first DC project, having played (a very Batman-like) Oliver Queen for multiple seasons of Smallville as well as an unhinged Man of Steel in the animated film Injustice.

Check out the full article here, and let us know what you think about this upcoming Spotify audio series in this thread!


Sounds good, but I have to say, it’d be nice to get a Spotify show starring other DC characters that don’t already star in shows, be it on radio/TV, on Spotify and/or elsewhere, as this will now mark Spotify’s 3rd Batman-based production.

Maybe something with Shazam that can tie into the theatrical debut of Shazam: Fury of the Gods, this December? :man_shrugging:t2:

Hearing Zachary Levi and the cast in an audio adventure (likely a prequel) would be a lot of fun.


Definitely excited. Ive loved Harley Quinn for a while since I first watched Assault on Arkham as a teenager (never really grew up on comics and the cartoons since my mom didnt like the superhero type stuff.) Getting to hear the backstory completely from her perspective will be interesting, and after listening to Batman Unburied im very hopeful for how this will turn out.

Im sure someday we will wee Podcasts for other characters. Id love to hear more backstories or even other universes. For now though, ill be waiting for this podcast. Hopefully there will be a release date soon lol.


Welcome to the community @HarleyIvyForever! :wave: I’m glad to hear that you’ve delved into the comic book world and I’m just as excited as you are for this podcast! Can’t wait to discuss it more once it’s released.

Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything! :0_harley_quinn: :0_poison_ivy_tas:


I only know of this and Batman: Unburied. What is the third series?


Batman '85, if memory serves.

Its not so much a series, but seemingly more of a one-off that’s an adaptation of an early Batman movie script that was penned in 1985.

It sounds quite interesting, but I’ve yet to give it a listen.

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First of all - I got here by clicking on the link in the article that announced this show so bravo to synergy! Love that stuff!

I am ABSOLUTELY fired up for this show! I love the audio series that DC has put out - (Batman: The Audio Adventures, Sandman, Batman Unburied) and this article let me know two bits of good news. 1. Batman Unburied is getting a second season and 2. Harley Quinn is getting her own series!

Glad to see the DC/Spotify partnership is continuing and can’t wait to put on the headphones and hear this!


Batman '85 looks like it’s part of a fanfic podcast and not part of the official deal between DC and Spotify. Though you do have a point about the first two official shows being Batman or Batman-adjacent. Personally, I’m still hoping one of the official shows follows Constantine or another magical character.


Very much looking forward to this cast. :00_harley_quinn: :00_harley_quinn: :00_harley_quinn:


Listened to the entire thing today. It’s excellent! :raised_hands: Really enjoyed each episode and the new take on the story.


Same here! I finished it a few weeks ago, and loved every episode. Such a neat take on the Harley origin story.