New Sho Murase Batgirl DC Universe Variant: 2 of 1000

Got my new DC Universe exclusive Batgirl today and wanted to share my excitement.

I opened it up and was about to take it out when I saw that it was number 2 of 1000! I carefully put it back in the box.

I might have to buy another one now!


Side-note: I live hundreds of miles from any relatives so this was a wonderful Christmas surprise!

And I already bought another one for display… =)

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Score! That is awesome, if you can, post a pic of the box

not quite as awesome: I pre-ordered the red/black version first day it was available–Sideshow sent me #3,220 of 3,350 in a damaged and opened original package :exploding_head:


Sure! Here’s the box.


The shipping box was slightly larger than the statue’s box so no padding (if that’s a consideration for anyone). But honestly, the statue box was in near perfect condition on arrival.

I’m stoked to get my second one so I can actually display this awesome looking piece!


whew, that is dang good-lookin’ :sunglasses:

can’t believe you got #0002! You are absolutely collecting correctly

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