New Shared Animated Universe?

Ok, so first off, if you haven’t watched Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, be warned, there will be spoilers and I don’t want to blur chunks of this post.

So I just sat down and watched Superman: Man Of Tomorrow and Justice Society: WWII back to back, and I noticed the animation looked the same, and Darren Criss voiced Superman in MOT and had a cameo as Superman in WWII. That alone isn’t THAT big of a deal, although, you could just as easily gotten another actor for a cameo role if they weren’t setting something up. I’m wondering if they are low key setting up another continuity in animation. Here’s why.

The way WWII ended with the interaction between Superman and Flash got me thinking of another shared animated universe. And the fact Darren Criss was in both movies and the animation looked the same.

So what if at the end of Apokolips War, when Barry went off to create another Flashpoint, he actually did it, and Man Of Tomorrow, and JSWWII were the kick off movies? They were both origin movies so to speak, one being the golden age heroes from the past at that.

Is it possible this is the beginning of a new shared universe and the characters have been reset due to the new Flashpoint Barry created, and they would of course be unaware. I could be all wrong, but then again, they could be setting it up without the audience knowing for sure like last time when it all kicked off with Justice League: War.

If this is the case, I actually think it’s a smart way to go considering a Flashpoint would leave them unaware of the pervious universe, and they could be waiting to officially make it public to the audience down the road.


I think so! I think the last animation movies from Justice League War to Dark Apokolips: War dealt with variations of the New 52 comics. I think this new animation is a continuation from a new Flashpoint for sure! I wonder what they’ll do tho :skull: Finally watching The Long Halloween Part 1 tonight! :pray:t4:


I watched that one after I got done with the other two. I’m wondering if that is part of it as well. In the previous continuity, they did 3 movies a year. Two were in cannon, and one was usually an adaptation. Given Long Halloween is an adaptation, I think that could be the stand alone release for the year, BUT, MOT and JSWWII were origin movies of sorts and Long Halloween is early in Batman’s career, so I’m wondering if there’s a small chance it’s part of a possible new continuity. The other two seemed to be more connected so to speak though.

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There were a LOT of adaptations in the New 52 DCAU though. Honestly I’d say the movies that were the most “original” were probably Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay and the Justice League Dark movies, and even those have bits where you can see some inspiration from other books (like a big part of SS was based on an arc of Secret Six by Gail Simone).

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I hope so cuz I’ve really liked the past couple movie since Man of Tomorrow. So much better than the last universe ew :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: hopefully they actually build to something rather than randomly destroying the whole thing just because (not that I’m complaining I’m glad that universe is over but Apocalypse War definitely felt sudden and out of left field), and hopefully they work with more characters than just the JL and Batman. Like I need Nightwing solo movie and more Titans animated movies with the fab 5 era and NTT rosters as well as Wonder Woman.

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Right. I guess what I meant was, they had “original” offerings which weren’t part of that continuity like Assault On Arkham, and JL God’s and Monsters. Killing Joke was also an adaptation, but they didn’t fit that into the shared universe. So I’m thinking Long Halloween might be the year’s stand alone.