New Seasons For My Favorite DC shows

Okay, with the switch over from DC Universe to HBO Max, I’ve been worried if some of my favorite shows have been canceled. Now rumor has it that the Harley Quinn Show will return for a second season, Thank you God, Does anyone have an exact date on that? Also will we be seeing more of the Teen Titans, Doom Patrol and Young Justice? I know that last one is a long shot, but that was an awesome show. Also does anyone know if we will be seeing any new shows, animated or live action, coming from HBO’s DC studio? I’ve heard tell of a Wonder Woman animated show, but for all I know it is all talk.


We’re 100% getting new seasons of Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol, Teen Titans, and Young Justice. They’re working on them as we speak.

New shows in development are Peacemaker (a spin off of John Cena’s character in Suicide Squad…they’re working on it, but right now we can’t see it :grinning:), Green Lantern Corps, one based off the Gotham City cops set in the Robert Pattinson Batman world (think along the lines of Gotham Central), and I believe Justice League Dark.


As far as release dates I posted this on another thread. Based off googling + articles. Some may be subject to change given Covid + production in general.


Not only is Doom Patrol getting a third season, but I do believe they are already shooting it. And it looks like the third season will be interesting! The Siserhood of Dada is going to appear!

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