new rumor about crisis

Word is going around that Michael Rosenbaum has been approached about appearing I n the cell crisis

Wait…no…what…as lex?

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Even showing up as Flash would be pretty awesome

Marc Guggenheim has said that he wants to get some Smallville actors involved, but I think this specific Michael Rosenbaum thing is wishful thinking that somebody is trying to pass off as reality.

The three easiest ‘gets’ from that cast would be Laura V, Erica, and Sam W because they’re already part of the Arrowverse family.

Oh boy… Too much they throwing at this. Idk…

I think they should chill out lol. I reallllly hope they sell this story and not use it as an excuse for shock value. But I’m hopeful for this

And having seen the “source” of this Michael Rosenbaum thing, I know that it’s something that somebody made up and pulled out of their ass.

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Yep. The source was We Got This Covered. Rosenbaum saw it and tweeted out a hilarious response.

Here’s Rosenbaum’s tweet.

it was wishful thinking But I h90e would be up to doing it