New releases questions?

Hi, I am just wondering if any knows if Shazam, or much more importantly Batman vs Ninja Turtles will be streaming on here? I saw that Constaine had a new movie in Walmart and was disappointed that it did not steam on here. Both movies listed are coming out in June (Shazam might be July).


Usually when they’re released on dvd or blue ray they come onto the service they did it with reign of the Superman and justice league vs the fatal 5

I think a lot of the big titles are tied up in licencing deals. That were made outside of this app. So it could be a while. Also if you see different companies like CW or Nickelodeon collaborations then chances are that it will take a while before DCU gets a turn with them. If Shazam is going to be here this summer then that’s cool but I think WB will put that on the new service they are launching before that happens.

Lots of folks here know more about this stuff than I do. For this app look for DCU exclusives that is the new content that you can count on. Also check out the comics section lots of good stuff. I hope this was helpful.

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It appears Warner Brothers has a deal with HBO.
Shazam will most likely be an HBO exclusive for at least a year. Then other services, including DCUniverse, can make bids on it.

No one is really certain about Batman vs. TMNT, because of it being a collaboration. However, the DVD comes out on June 6th, and if it follows the pattern of other animated films, it’ll be here then. But again, it may not, if being a Cartoon Network collaboration disallows DC Universe from playing it.

For Constantine, are you referring to City of Demons?
That was from CW Seed. I doubt we’ll see that here anytime soon.
According to Wikipedia, the two-part movie-edited version was added to CW Seed about four months ago.

Edit: That should be June 4th (not June 6th) for Batman/TMNT.

Oh, and since they’ve already announced what’s coming for June and July, it doesn’t appear that Batman/TMNT is coming to DC Universe.