New Release Comics Roundup For The Week Of 4/24/19

It’s the most wonderful day of the week, New Comics Day! Known to those outside comic fandom as “Wednesday” (yeah Friday, how do ya like them apples?! I say applesauce to you). TGIW!

New books I’m looking forward to:

-Action Comics #1010
-Detective Comics #1002
-The Silencer #16
-The Terrifics #15

So, whatcha lookin’ forward to this week?

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Justice League Dark continues to be the best team book DC is publishing. And I love the Manhunter and Checkmate influences creeping into Action Comics.

I’m on the fence about getting back into JLD as I stopped reading it two issues ago.

Action has been spiffy as of late.


Dial H for Hero #2


Action, Detective, Flash, Heroes in Crisis and JLD for me.

Dropped The Terrifics as of issue #15. I felt no point in continuing after Jeff Lemire’s departure.

The Flash # 69
Detective comic # 1002
Freedom Fighters # 5
Justice League Dark #10
The Terrific # 15

I was going to drop 'Tec and read it in trade, but that new logo pulled me back in.

flips a coin Han Solo style to DC’s marketing department You win.