New Red Hood Today??? (spoilers)

Is Wingman Jason’s dad?

Yeah kinda sort of, it was revealed that Willis Todd volunteered to be part of an experiment while he was in prison with three other people and that experiment basically merged the 3 men together ,whatever that’s means, and left Jason’s dad with the ability to control perception. When he first showed up he was a guy with multiple shifting faces calling himself Solitary. Now he seems to be parading around as Wingman( he met both characters at around the same time if you’ll remember). When you’re dealing with characters that play with perception it’s always best to remember that all may not be what it seems.

I don’t think that’s right, Ragdoll. The whole point of the tattoo story was to show that the whole Solitary thing was a fakeout. Wingman is the REAL Willis Todd.

I was wondering the same thing, too.

most likely

@HubCityQuestion Well considered me faked out lol Now I’m confused