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Can someone help me I don’t know where to start with the comic books.

What interests you (doesn’t have to be related to DC Comics).


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There’s a couple ways to go about.

  1. Choose a character you like and start with their rebirth #1
  2. Look up the most critically acllaimed DC Comics and start there.
  3. Read the whole DC Rebirth Continuity in order.
  4. Start with good starting points. Every week, I choose 1-3 starting points in my What’s New Segment. This week it’s Justice: No Justice #1 and Flash #46 which are the start of DC’s Summer of Events.

I’m assuming you mean DC Comics by the way.
If I had to choose 2 comic series to read from start to finish. Start with Tom King’s Batman Rebirth and then read Superman into Supersons.

Here’s a quick guide to the two titles.

Batman Rebirth #1
Batman (2016) #1-45

Batman: I am Gotham
Batman: Rebirth #1
Batman #1-6

Batman: I am Suicide
Batman #9 - 15
Batman Annual #1

Batman: I am Bane
Batman #16-20
Batman #23-24

Batman: War of Jokes and Riddles ←- Optional Jump On
Batman #25 - 32

Batman: Rules of Engagement
Batman #33 - 37
Batman Annual #2

Batman: Bride or Burglar
Batman: #38 - 43
Batman: #44

Batman: The Wedding (Hold off on) ← Optional Jump on BUT only at #48.
Batman #45 - 46
Batman #47 - 50

Superman (sorta, it changes series to an even better one)
Superman: Son of Superman
Superman: Rebirth #1
Superman #1-6

Superman: Trial of the Supersons
Superman #7-13

At this point we leave Superman for Supersons

Supersons: When I Grow Up ← Jump on point
Supersons #1-5

Supersons: Planet of the Capes
Supersons #6-10

Superman Oz Effect The following two series are essential to understanding Supersons of Tomorrow

Action Comics #985 - 992

Detective Comics: A Lonely Place of Living

Detective Comics #963 - 968

Supersons of Tomorrow
Superman #37
Supersons #11
Teen Titans #15
Superman #38
Supersons #12

Supersons: Parent Trap
Supersons #13-14
Supersons #15-16
Supersons Annual #1

If you want more here’s my Rebirth Reading Order. (I would skip to section 3 Rebirth Fast Track and then maybe hop around)

Let me know if you have questions!


I say start with a character and go for the number 1. Lool up volumes and such. Pick anyone nd im sure ull find somethink u like

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