New reader, Asking for guidance

I read comic books when I was a kid, Beetle Bailey, Archie, Sad Sack, and various DC titles. Feel a little overwhelmed with all the titles available, and do not want to get lost. My question is this : If I want to start with Batman, as an example, do I just pick a storyline and read the issues in order #1 to #9? And does it matter if I jump around the different storylines? Is it just that author’s perspective is the difference?
Hope I am making sense, if not I apologize.
Thank you.

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Most people start with a favorite character. Then learn more about that character. Then pick another character.

If you have no knowledge of DC Comics I suggest the video

Secret Origins The History of DC Comics

In an hour and a half you would get a good general background of the Golden Age Silver Age and Bronze Age of DC comics.

If you are interested in recent comics

I suggest the following Titles

Aquaman 2011
DC Rebirth 1 2016
Superman Lois and Clark followed by
Superman Rebirth 2016
Wonder Woman 2016 Year One Issues 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
Detective Comics 2016
Green Lanterns 2016
The Flinstones

In Community
There are Book Clubs, most of which are starting out such as
DC History Club

Plus the older DC Universe Book Club which discuss certain titles

This month the clubs are discussing
Crisiss on Infinite Earths
Which is probably too complex for your first month here
In preparation for the massive TV CW crossover in December and January prior topics like
Early Superman comics and Cartoons
Batman by Denny O Neil

If you have Browse on your Device

Getting to Know has
Start Reading Articles for
Batman no longer there
Dick Grayson in middle of page
Teen Titans
The Flash

Sort Storylines alphabetically
to get storlines that begin with the character’s name like Batman.

The Enclopedia may give you important titles and issues for the character you are unterested in.

If ypu want to start with earliest issues
Filter Comic by Era to get Golden.Age
And read Only the following

Superman 1
Batman 1
Wonder Woman 1

Finally Movie and TV to see if any videos interest you.

The DC Animation.Universe starts with
Batman The Animated Series
Superman the Animated Series
Justice League
Justice League Unlimited

Also Wonder Woman TV series
Superman Movie 1978 with Christopher Reeve

And original Content
Titans two seasons
(partially based on
New Teen Titans 1980
Tern Titans 2003
Titans Hunt)
Young Justice (three seasons of original storylines)
Doom.Patrol (1989 Doom Patrol 19 Crawling from the Wreckage Grant Morrison)
swamp Thing (1984 Saga of Swamp Thing 21 The Anatomy Lesson Alan Moore)


Tje Batman Start Reading was removed but here is shorter version of it

Where to Start Reading Batman
Joshua Lapin-Bertone
thursday April 11

shorted to just include stories

Batman: Year One

Batman Year two

Comics #575-578

Batman: Hush


“Daughter of the Demon”


Batman: The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween #1-13

Batman: Strange Apparitions

Steve Englehart comes on board
with Detective Comics #469-
479, but things really get
cooking when artist Marshall
Rogers joins him for issue #471
through the team’s fınal issue,

“The Court of Owls”

(2011) #1-7

“To Kill a Legend”

Comics #500

Batman: The Dark Knight

Resonates more powerfully if one has read a few of the above titles first.


if you want to learn significant events in super hero genre history

This Topic list all the characters which have a

Start rReading Topic

if you want to learn how Syperman Batman.and Wonder Woman were created

iI am post 59 in following
decribing 22 great stories for many characters in various era.

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ALL-STAR SUPERMAN is a must for new readers; it shows the OG superhero as he truly is, and is by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitley, two masters.

Then, you can read MAN OF STEEL, and many other great stories about my all-time favorite, a super man.

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Pick a character. Some people will tell you to start at the beginning, others with a certain run. Just search them on the site, look for a title that interest you or pick a issue in a series, and start reading. For example (I’ll go with Batman as he is my favorite too), if you search “Batman” you will get several series. If you see a title that interest you (e.g. The Long Halloween) then read it. If you look over the main Batman title and see an title that interest you, start there.

To sum up, just dive in. There is no perfect place to start (unless you can go back to the 1940s). I wil uncharacteristically recommend you NOT start with No Man’s Land. It helps to know the characters better first for some of the more complex titles.


@oldrocker99, Thank you. Will add it to my que.

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@TheBatgirlofNML, Thank you for your thoughts. Funny you should mention Halloween, that is one that did interest me.


@TurokSonOfStone1950. Thank you for all the time you took answering. I will be sure to add those to my que. I thought about book clubs but I have nothin g to add beneficial so did not want to waste anyone’s time. I just like reading comics. Basically didn’t want to start a series and go to another and wonder what just happened.
Thank you again though.

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About book club you don’t have to join or contribute.

Just see if the topic interrsts you at all and tadd he issues to your wish list

For example in Superman Book.Club.they talked about the earliest Superman issues and what he was like then

Also discusded were the magnifent Fleshier Superman cartoon of the 1940s.
They are very short andin our library

Over at DC hustory club there were sevedal polls

One was about the british writers
Alan Moore
Neil Gaiman
Grant Morrison
In the discussion you can read about what storylines and titles each had

Anothet poll discussed which influenced Superman more Radio TV or Movirs. Again the cartoons wete discussed

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Othet topics were who was the most important Flash
Jay Garrick of the 1950s
Barry Allen from the 1960 to 198t and the current Flash in comics and TV
Wally West who replaced Barry until about 10 year ago and who was Flash in JLA comics and Justice League TV animation

Another poll was after super heroes what was next important genres. In the 1950s thete were few super heroes
Then the genrrs were westerns romance humor war and horror.

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There is a comprehensive rading order for Rebirth that is hidden in Essential.Reading Area

This was very difficult to find

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Here are

Start Reading Lists for Justice League and Green Lantern

In general if you go to a browser and

dc universe news start reading
And continue with name of character
And use browser NOT DC universe as the app

You can find the article

Unfortunately General Search Magnifying glase NOT in Community is not working for News section

I copy the link and save it

Then use browser with link

I used screenshots to get text
Then run app
To convert screen to text
But then links dont work

It may be better to use link.for character which will give you links to issues cited.

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@TurokSonOfStone1950 You have been very helpful and informative. Again thank you for your time in answering and advice.

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My pleasure

I have learned how to find and copy links to topics from DC Universe via b browser due to trying to help you.

Inside the DC Universe app jt is impossible to get links select all copy or paste on any pages you did not create.

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@turok… sigh,.,


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I know you have a lot on your plate. But if you want to read an intended starting point, read anything from the New 52. It was a line wide reboot that assumed that you have never read a comic (kinda). Batman, aquaman, swamp thing, all star western, animal man, justice league, and Wonder Woman are my personal standouts. It also sets up the whole “rebirth” line.
Essentially, there have been 2 full on reboots in DC. One was crisis on infinite earths that someone else mentioned. The other event was flashpoint. Basically flash goes back and time and alters his earths reality. It’s some next level bs, so he goes back in time to prevent him from altering time in the first place. But, once he got back to the earth he expected to know things were different. This was the New 52. To the best of my knowledge in this reboot most hero’s have only been active for about 5 years before the invasion of Darkside (Justice League 1, the first new 52 issue).
The new 52 banner ran for 5 years-ish real-time. Then the line ended with DC REBIRTH #1 where we and the hero’s find out that someone —cough cough Dr. manhattan— has stolen 10 years of the hero’s lives, preventing something’s from happening, in some instances preventing certain people to exist. I really like deathstroke, justice league dark, young justice, and justice league. Don’t let the renumbering confuse you, just read chronological what characters you like! That the briefest of explications that I can offer, but it does cover the last 10ish years of DC comics!

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@yodaman77. I do have a New 52 already in question to read. Thank you for your suggestion. I have found that there was so many comics that interested me I paid for the annual membership. I read a lot of books on a Kindle, and the DC app turns out to be cheaper than individual books so I plan on taking all advice and enjoying comic books once again, as I did when I was a kid.
Thank you again yodaman77.

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I recommend reading Post Crisis Dc it rebooted/revamped the dc universe and introduced a bunch of characters and my definition start to most of the dc universe in my opinion.

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