New poster for Reing of the Supermen

I’m not sure what other DCAU movies are coming out in 2019, but The Death of Superman (2018) is my top animated movie right now, so safe to say, that I’m really looking forward to this.


Nice, didn’t know they were doing this

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continuation from The Death of…

I love it

I’m sure it will be great

When does it officially come out?

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@Echelon i don’t think there’s an exact date yet.

Looks like they are using the comics version of Young Justice for Super Boy from the character design and attitude from what I have heard in interviews. That will probably rub people the wrong who only know the character from the show.


Wrong Way

Wish we could edit are comments.


I love that Reign and YJ will both be on in 2019,and with BOTH awesome versions of kon-el


I believe the release will be January 2019?

I just watched The Death of Superman the other day and loved it. Didn’t know they were going to come out with a new one next year so this makes me super happy!