New Outsiders Series

I could have sworn they teased a revived Outsiders team at the end of No Justice but so far I’ve seen nothing (unless its in a book I’m not reading) which seems weird given the popularity of the Black Lightning show. Is there supposed to be another series coming in 2019?

The new volume of Batman and the Outsiders starts next month. House ads have recently begun running in the latest singles.


It was announced, it got pushed back again to be resolicited at a later date. It’s still coming. I think it comes out of some of the various events happening and they need them to be at a certain point before it is released.


Nice! I’m a bit behind in my reading so I haven’t seen all the new ads. I’ll definitely be adding this to my pull.

I’m an '80s Outsiders fan, but I’m excited to see any new iteration of the team. I’m also happy to see DC “pushing” the team to greater prominence. I just hope Geo-Force, Halo and Looker will eventually be involved in some capacity.


Just wanted to post another great image, by Alan Davis, of the 80s’s team.


Alan Davis art is magnefique.

With Suicide Squad ending, I would hope 'Tana will transition to the Outsiders.


@Outside2Infinity had to hit like just for posting the awesome classic images. Thanks

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Thanks! Here’s a fantastic image by José Luis García-López - from 1985, as it celebrates DC’s 50th anniversary - that includes the classic '80s Outsiders.


Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez…the man, the myth, and the master.



Ditto… I completely agree with you regarding JLGL! Although I love seeing JLGL’s Outsiders, I also love his rendition of Aquaman’s blue camouflage costume, which has always been one of my favorite (re)designs (although it is understandably difficult to draw).

That’s an underrated look for Arthur but if anyone can draw it well, it’s Lopez. The mini he wore it in was a fun read; do you know who illustrated that? I don’t have that series anymore or remember offhand.

My favorite JLGL art is the stuff he did for the Super Powers toyline. That’s where I came to know of him. I don’t know if he did just the style guide or the actual packaging artwork, but it’s great stuff.

I’ve come to appreciate his Superman artwork more, due to the Adventures of Superman collection featuring his work. The guy is a true artist.


The 1985 Aquaman miniseries was drawn by Craig Hamilton, but the blue costume was actually designed by the series’ writer, Neal Pozner. A sequel series was planned, but was eventually scrapped due to Hamilton’s self-professed exhaustion. A good article on the miniseries can be found at the following website: