New Original Series

I wonder if there are plans from DC to announce any new live action series. Has anything been announced since the launch?

Well 2 of the first 6 original series haven’t aired yet

Titans :white_check_mark:
Doom patrol :white_check_mark:
Young justice Outsiders :white_check_mark:
Swamp thing :white_check_mark:
Harley Quinn :x: (Fall 2019)
Stargirl :x: (2020)


I imagine after Swamp Thing, they’re probably being a little thoughtful about what they can or should do. They need to consider is a live action “X” show worth the investment, will it translate well to the medium, can it we stretch it over 5+seasons, etc…

We’re is season two of krypton as much money I paid for this shit it should be here already


Krypton season 2 probably has to be on Syfy’s on demand for a designated amount of time before it will arrive here. Exercise a little patience.


A good nightwing show!

Patience is one thing I’ve never been accused of not having. I’ll fish for hours to catch a fish or not. Most time it’s nice to be outdoors relaxing by a body of water. I’ll spend a month or two painting a 20x16 inch piece of art to make it just right. I’ll wait for days for a follow up on my medical conditions. But, paying out around 100 dollars a year for two 10 episode series a year with nothing else to view except talk shows that are not all that entertaining. The graphic novels are ok. But, it just is not worth spending for a renewal subscription come December. Sorry, just not going to do it anymore.

I have XFinity cable and only episode 6, 7, 9 and 10 of Krypton season 2 are available to watch for free on demand from Syfy. I would be happy just to find a Blu Ray release date for Krypton S2. Yellowstone on Paramount network already has a BR release date and their season 2 finale aired two weeks after Krypton. I first saw Yellowstone’s S2 BE release date only a few days after the S2 finale. Not to mention last time I checked YS season 1 and 2 were available to watch for free on demand on Paramount on demand on XFinity. Even if Krypton has to be on Syfy for any length of time you would think they would still have an idea of when it will be on DCU.

First there was never a promise that Krypton S2 would make it to the service.
ScyFy may have an open ended release date for other platforms, meaning there may be no official cut off date and/or date when the series might be released here. Krypton just showed up here one day with no previous fanfare or announcement.