New/new-ish DC themed Hot Wheels products.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve come across some interesting DC themed Hot Wheels items in the aisles and I wanted to share the word with fellow collectors. First up:

Walmart exclusive Batman 80th Anniversary collection. This assortment has been out for a bit but still merits a mention. It consists of six Batman oriented vehicles. Price is $1 (or less, I’ve seen it vary at different locations). The vehicles are:

-Batman v Superman GCPD Police car
-BvS Batmobile
-The Dark Knight Rises Bat
-The Batman Batmobile
-Tim Burton Batmobile (in silver chrome)
-Batman Live! Batmobile

Switching gears, there is a new wave of higher quality (and priced) DC movie based vehicles. These run about $5.99 or so at most stores and the air and nautical vehicles come with display stands. They are:

-Tim Burton Batmobile
-Justice League Batmobile
-BvS Batwing
-Black Manta’s ship from Aquaman
-Mera’s ship from Aquaman
-The Dark Knight Rises Bat (same mold as the WM exclusive)

Batman: The Animated Series also has two new anniversary releases in the $5.99 Bat-vehicle line. They are the Batmobile and the Batplane. I’ve not seen these two in person yet, but given what can be gleamed from the pictures on eBay, it looks as if the Batmobile is a reissue of the model from last year that featured a flat finish. The Batplane is brand new.

There are also Batman oriented Hot Wheels playsets out and about. This looks to be a collection of sets that hook together to form a large playset. Batman, Joker, Killer Croc and Mister Freeze are the featured players, however I’ve only seen the Batman and Joker sets so far.

The Batman set is Batcave flavored and features a blue Batmobile (that has also been released in the standard HW line) and a tiny, non-articulated Batman figure. I’ve seen this at Target and Walmart.

The Joker set looks like a Joker themed funhouse, comes with a small Joker figure and may provoke nightmares in small children much like the clown themed bed that Homer Simpson built for Bart when he was a tiny tot.

Moving onto new-ish (they’ve been out for a while) character car assortments. One series features comic and Aquaman movie themed cars such as:

-Aquaman (movie based)
-Black Manta (movie based)
-Damian Wayne Robin
-The Joker
-Killer Croc
-Mera (movie based)

The other character cars are from the Sketched series. Most of them bear Jim Lee pencil art on the cardbacks. The cars themselves are black and white to emulate the look of pencil art. They are:

-Harley Quinn

That’s the DC themed Hot Wheels round-up for February. I don’t buy the DC HW merch too often but I wanted to spread the word and be helpful to those that do collect it.

Happy Hunting =)


I just learned about (am and now on the hunt for) the Brave and the Bold Batmobile painted like the Mystery Machine! It’s in the basic line to promote the recent Scooby Doo/ Batman Brave and the Bold video release (which is AWESOME!)

I saw photos of that and the multicolored Barris Batmobiles. I might get that Scooby/Bat car just for its kookiness.

Found the silver Barris Batmobile from the basic Hot Wheels line at Target last night.

Switching gears, eh?

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Unlike the Batman: B&W figures, I know what I’m getting with Hot Wheels.

For a cool buck too =)