new metal men 12 issue series coming

Dan didio And Shane Davis bleeding cool just announced it


I am very excited

Plot seems intriguing. Now, if anybody else but Dan was writing it.

First Legion, now this. They obviously are looking at our comments in Community and they better!!

I look forward to hearing the details; unfortunately many of the reboots of Metal Men have been a little depressing.

Dan Didio has done some stuff as co-publisher I don’t fully agree with, but he’s a pretty decent writer on his own, I’ve especially enjoyed his brief run on OMAC with Kieth Giffen. Plus he’s written the Metal Men in the past in Wednesday Comics.


I was just looking over what he did with Wednesday comics and Metal Men the other day …I miss those days, sniff

I hope they go back to basics and return to the art style and essence of the original run. I’m really looking forward to it.

Shane Davis on interiors? Oh boy, I might just have to read this one.

Shane Davis is a good artist. I like his line-work, even if it’s a little cross-hatch-y for my tastes. The Metal Men are great. Dan DiDio, though… that’s one hell of a turn-off.

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Just scrolled through some of the earlier comments… I forgot he wrote that Wednesday Comics Metal Men story. That was good. I’m less nervous now.

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In defense of DiDio’s writing, I love his and Giffen’s New 52 OMAC. A very, very fun series.

Now, what to drop to make room for Metal Men…

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Pull list blues… definitely feeling it.

I was under the impression I would be able to access ALL of the original Metal Men comics. Metal Men was the first DC comic I started to buy and read. I was 12 around 1968, but I can not find the original issues anywhere, except what is being sold through online dealerships. Am I missing something, or has DC Universe eliminated a part of it’s archive. Have they excluded some of what is available to us? I would love to go back and read those old issues from 1969, 70, 71. I stopped reading, because they switched the robots over to human form and everybody lost interest in the series…

What is in the library is what is digitalized.

A very.large portion of titles and issues have not been digitalized

There is a topic here on what old issues have been digitalized. It is a rather small number each week.

There is also a topic in.the Sughestion.Box Forum called Print to Digital.Request Thread where you should put your request in. Otherwise this request.will not be easily found by thr Mods whose job is to track and report on these requests.

@prschmo.64106 You can make your desire for having classic Metal Men in digital form known in this request thread.

Nothing is promised, but it’s a good way to make your voice heard on the print titles you’d like to see in the digital landscape. You just never know what may come along in the future.