New look at The Batman

With DC Fandome slowly approaching, director Matt Reeves has shared a small treat of what to expect in October.

“I’m vengeance.”


Matt’s Twitter has been such a great marketing strategy for The Batman. Starting with the GIFs for the actors he selected and going into what we’re seeing now, he doesn’t post often, which generates more hype from what he does post. This was a great surprise, and I’m super pumped to see it in action at the FanDome.


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Welcome to the community, friend! I’m so excited to see the new Batman movie :scream:

I need it now!

I love the purple gloves from the picture.

I hope we get more Matt Reeves talking Batman at FanDome ‘21. The teaser from last year was the icing on the day’s cake but I love hearing him talk about Batman.