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My friend recently informed me about DC universe and I am absolutely loving it. I binge watched all of Titans, Krypton, and Doom Patrol (still waiting and watching with anticipation) I also saw the teaser for Swamp Thing and could not be more excited. Anyways, this got me thinking, what other shows would be a great addition. It makes sense to use your heavy hitters in movies, but I’m thinking more expanding the genres of DC’s Universe. All that being said here’s some ideas for new shows as well as characters I simply want to see enter in anywhere.

House of Mystery - Combine Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt. Each episode has the narrator talking about an object then fade into the story about that object. Thinking a horror/sci-fi genre a la Black Mirror.

Martian Manhunter - I just want to see him done someway, somehow. I think it would be a cool fish-out-of water story. Combine the insanity of Old Boy with the themes of Pleasantville.

The Question - Would make for an awesome detective/police show with a superhero twist.

Global Guardians - A fun way to explore a bunch of cultures and obscure characters. Star Trek the Next Generation with real action.

The Spectre - Just like the idea. A dark, gritty character who is just as likely to be going against heroes as villains.

Arkham - I think it would just be a cool setting to explore really weird and crazy. Think Shutter Island and Inception all rolled into one with completely random episodes of nonsense. This show is like would be like trying to put together a puzzle when the picture your looking at is of the pieces.

Alright, now just random characters I’d love to see enter anywhere:
Blue Beetle
Dead Man
Nobody (Ducard not Mr. Nobody)
Solomon Grundy

Anyways, pitch me your ideas too. Or hate on mine, whatever cool.


Man, a good live action Question series would make me The Happiest Boy


A Question show would be really cool to see. I think that Solomon Grundy should appear on Swamp Thing, since they were both created in a


swamp. (I pressed the post button by accident lol)

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An Old Boy-like Martian Manhunter??? That’s a curveball!

Gotham Central! No prequels, no Batbabies, no great uncles twice-removed, just a police procedural in the DC Universe.

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Just adding here since I thought of some others.

Dr. Thirteen - a cool X-Files esque show.

The Metal Men - This could actually be a really funny, family sitcom type show if done correctly.

Dent - The story of Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face a la Breaking Bad.

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I could name off a million DC shows I want to see. But just a few…

Blue Beetle - Either but as much as I love Ted Kord think Jaime would be a better fit for current DC TV, doesn’t mean Ted couldn’t be in the show.

Booster Gold - I think this one is long overdue. Booster is one of the greatest characters DC has made, and arguably the biggest in-house success they have had sincve Crisis on Infinite Earths (Harley Quinn is the biggest character they have had since Crisis by far, but had it not been for Batman: The Animated Series she would never exist. DC just ran with her) and as relevant now as ever, maybe even more relevant. His arc would be great spread out over multiple seasons. I actually think as an Arrowverse show he would possibly work better, but DCU would definitely use him well also.

The Question - I add he would be a great TV series.

Jonah Hex - As a gritty western it would fit the DCU brand while adding some variety, and could of course bring in plenty of their other western heroes.

Power Girl - Either set in Earth-2, or even the set up of her being from an alternate world out of place I think could make for a good series, or even a mini-series with her trying to “find a way home”. She is a very under appreciated character.

I also think as far as spinning off from the current DCU shows that Hawk and Dove and Cyborg would be great spin-offs into their own shows. I hear Blue Devil will be in Swamp Thing, and obviously will have to wait to see how he is portrayed but could see if done right him also being a great spin-off character and DCU and Swamp Thing producers seem convinced he is primed to be a fan favorite.


I’ve always loved the idea of a “buddy cop” type of show pairing the Shining Knight and The Vigilante since seeing the two work so well together on JLU.

House Of Mystery sounds pretty nice.

Since DC is naturally dark, a horrific setting and atmosphere only makes sense. Plus, would be perfect for characters like Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Constantine, Raven, etc.

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Assuming that all the original shows share the same universe I think we need to do a history series. The timeline in the DCU originals is completely different from anything close to prime earth. They could do it as straight history with newscasters doing a half hour or more likely hour show each week. Or if they wanted to do it more in universe they could have someone use an absorbicon or time travel while "archival " footage plays.

It could also serve as a backdoor pilot as they test out new concepts or characters perhaps even some original concepts that haven’t appeared in the comics yet.

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Man these are al great ideas.

Definitely Question.

Blue & Gold would be amazing.

Like the idea of House of Mystery, but it should layer the anthology stories with an ongoing arc with the Dreaming characters, House of Secrets, and visitation by DC’s mystical characters (Constantine is already cast, of course).

Martian Manhunter is already on Supergirl, so unless they spin him off, that is unlikely to happen as a solo series.

I’d love to see a Gotham Central series like @biff_pow describes.

Secret Six (original flavor) could be very cool

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Arkham would be a really cool show to see, I’d totally watch.

Outsiders was one I’d like to see

I’d like to see an animated smallville, picking up sometime after the final season. Either a movie or series, just catching up on what’s been going on for the characters since the finale

I would like a batgirl series a series base on the injustice storyline and a series around villains like Catwoman or poison ivy

blue beetle and booster gold would be good as well as live action plastic man spin off flash

The Question would certainly be an interesting live action character to see on TV. I think it could find find a lot of traction in the domestic and global political climate we live in. Toss in a few cameos (cameos, not regular spots) by Arrow, Canary, or Huntress and there may be possibilities. A little easier budget-wise as well if you can keep it grounded in reality. A darker Batgirl Animated series (or Birds of Prey) would certainly be of interest if along the line of the New52.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a Deadman series (or Spectre), but the FX budgets for either would be (probably be) cost prohibitive.

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So from that list man hunter and global guardians are the only ones I would not watch.

I’d love a Live Action adaptation of Batman: The Animated Series! If adapting animated stories as live action is working for Disney, why not for DC?