!New! Lego DC Batman - Family Matter Trailer (Official)

Revolving around the Bat-Family, join Batman as he embarks on his craziest new adventure yet!

Watch the full trailer here:

All with a brilliant voice casting :slight_smile:


So I am a bit confused. Is it a sequel to the Lego Batman movie? Or does it just use their assets?

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That looks amazing!!! So much fun, can’t wait. :slight_smile:

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Do yourself a favor. Avoid these trailers. Last Batman Lego feature was completely spoiled - nearly every single joke and punch line were featured in one trailer or another.

This trailer doesn’t show much so it shoud be safe. They probably learned from that former incident.

I think Lego’s strongsuit is their video games, Lego DC Super Villains is up there with Arkham City when we talk about quality.

This looks fun.

It’d be really fun if it was a crossover between Batman and the TV sitcom Family Matters.

Lego Urkel: “Look Carl, Eddie and my sweet pet Laura, I’m a Lego guy!”

Laura: “You’re still an Isetta driving nerd.”

Batman: “No argument here.”


Awesome! I love these movies. Didn’t even know they were making this one.