New Krypton Complete Arc

I know that World of New Krypton is where a lot of the story is. I enjoyed reading it when it was published.

What about other issues? Where did it begin? End.

This would be a good arc to add to Browse Storylines. I enjoyed Superman as a powerless Police Officer, supervised by General Zod, I think. It was a good take on a class duo always in conflict.

Supergirl’s Mom was the leader and the Kryptonians came to earth before moving elsewhere? Why to a planet where they had no powers? Wherent they on the Moon for a time?


The New Krypton shebang began in the Superman: New Krypton Special, then ended with the five issue War of the Supermen mini-series.

Are you looking for a reading order for New Krypton?

Here is a reading order I found online. Have not read New Krypton so can’t personally vouch for it, but looks complete.


Both of you.

I read it when it came out, but don’t recall the order. It was neat to see the Triangle Era return for that time.

goes to examine the reading list

That list seems fairly complete. I think the Last Stand of New Krypton mini-series should be on it though, in addition to WOTS as those were the concluding chapters of New Krypton before Superman resumed his duties on Earth in the Grounded arc that began in Superman #700.

Whoop, Last Stand was on that list. My mistake.