New Justice League movie

All I wanna know is when can we expect the next upcoming Justice League movie. I’m getting SICK TO DEATH about how everyone is always going on about the next upcoming AVENGERS movie. That group of heroes is just a second-hand rate version of the JL and really shouldn’t be treated as the “superior” super hero team since the JL came first.

I personally really liked the Justice League’s first movie and I want to see more.

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ATM they should concentrate only on solo movies then go to a new Justice League movie. The first one was okay but could of been better I admit.

Yeah, it’s baffling. I don’t get it either. As fans, we can’t pretend to know what’s going on behind closed doors at WB, but I can’t help but imagine the people in charge just sitting around twiddling their thumbs, unwilling to make a move. It’s frustrating knowing that apparently nothing’s moving forward right now. Amy Adams just recently commented she doesn’t know if she’ll be Lois Lane again, because no one’s even told her anything.

The movie was good, but Snyder isn’t king and Wheadon ruined his parts in the movie. Im more excited to see New Gods when it comes out.

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