New Hot Wheels Characters Cars

I was at Walmart tonight and they had a new Flash character car as well as a repack of Mr. Freeze and the action feature cars of Wonder Woman and Superman.

I don’t know if this is the assortment with the action feature Harley and Joker cars, but seeing as those are on eBay I wouldn’t doubt it.

FYI for interested parties :slight_smile:


I’m probably beyond purchasing any more. The popular line (99 centish) is ok. But, they’re pretty much the same ones all over again. The others are pretty much like “Really?” WM has a few I’d buy, except $6-7 a vehicle just doesn’t seem justifiable.
I do wish whatever brand made the giant R/C’s would do so for the rest. But, I doubt I’d get them for $50 ever again. (NOT that I have room for any more 24" RCs) but it would be totally cool to have an entire line of giant Movie Batmobile RCs.

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I found the Batman and Joker Action Feature character cars today.

Just need Harley now.