New green lantern in Stargirl?

I had just watched the third episode of Stargirl. Is there really going to be a green lantern in the show that they just hadn’t showed us inn some of the photos?


Unfortunately, I do not think so.
I say this cause I do not see how there could be.

Courtney grabbed the power battery. The main function of the battery is to charge the ring. Well she didnt take a ring with the battery. So unless the new Lantern makes their own ring from the battery itself. That power battery is pretty much useless.

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People should not assume that Alan’s powers in this universe require a ring as the specific device of channeling, or that there was a specific ring associated with him.

My fortune teller says Guy Gardner gets his time in the spotlight.

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Except when you look at the character banners for the JSA you can see a ring on Alan’s hand.
This picture shows the ring.
All credit for this picture goes to the and their Twitter account.


Maybe the ring is with Alan or whoever replaced him and hasn’t been functioning at this point because they didn’t have the battery to charge it.


That’s a cool idea.

A stranger is drawn to Blue Valley with a large, green ring on their finger. Alan? A Stargirl-version of Jade?

Maybe in Season 2? :crossed_fingers:


Alan’s ring could have been his personal property with great sentimental value and not something to be “passed down”.

This would be pretty cool

Of course, Jade never needed a ring … maybe just being close to the lantern triggers her Starheart birthmark?

The more I watch Stargirl, the more it feels a LOT like Infinity, Inc… and that’s awesome.


That’s what Alan’s ring has always been. Whether you look at original origin or the new 52 version.
Alan made the ring himself. He was never given the ring and he has never died to pass the ring on.
His version of Green Lantern is the only one in existence.
Yes Jade has the power in her, though didnt need a ring. Then the power was gone and she joined the GLC with Kyle.
Alan was the chosen one for the star heart. That’s why it killed everyone but Alan on that train. His Lantern and ring will only work for him.

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The Alan Scott Green Lantern actually did fashion his ring from his power battery

I know he did. That’s what I was saying about his version of the character can be the only one to exist.
My point with connection to Stargirl is Courtney never grabbed a ring and only the battery. So unless the new person makes a ring out of the battery like Alan did. That battery is useless.

Also the other thing I mentioned is the fact the Lantern will not work for anyone else. The Starheart choose Alan Scott.

After the episode of Stargirl, I have a certainty that Green Lantern will not be showing up in this series.

So I will admit when I’m wrong about things.
After reading Geoff Johns comments about the artifacts were not easter eggs and they have a plan for them. I may have to recant my statement about no one can take Alan’s place.
Though I will say if the person who does is not Jade then well I’m not sure what lol.
If they do replace Alan Jade is the only logical choise. After all she is his daughter for 1 and 2 with them gender swapping both heroes and villains in this show making the new Green Lantern a woman will work.

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