New Gods Movie News: Tom King Co-Writing

Great news! Not only is there finally news about Ava Duvarney’s NEW GODS movie, it’s great news! Tom King has been hired to Co-Write it! I think it’s pretty certain we’ll be getting something similar to his Mister Miracle run!


Frickin EEEEP
That’s awesome! I saw on his Twitter that he had some movie news coming up, I’m crazy stoked!

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Hope it works and they span an entire 4th world line of films

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jumps around with excitement like that guy in the opening to the Toy Hunter TV series

Tom King has good taste in toys too!

This gives me hope for the film.

I’ll remain optimistic but writing a great comic book doesn’t equate to great screenwriting.

Joss Whedon was an exception. He did write comics but he had experience handling screenwriting before creating the 1st Avengers movie but Tom King doesn’t have any experience with any film or TV.

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I agree with @E-Dot, but that’s why he’s working with Ava Duvarney, who is an experienced movie writer.

If Tom can provide a good story, I am optimistic that this movie will be good with the help from Duvarney and a good director.

Ava has only written about one subject though. Her “wheelhouse” is nothing close to comics or sci-fi. It’s all predominately about African American history and the “African-American experience”. Her only foray into fantasy seems to be a wrinkle in time which I found to be boring and disjointed (but this is coming from a fan of the books). It isnt like writing for screen is THAT different. The foundations for storytelling are universal across all forms.
They didnt hire a screenwriter to help this comic book writer make a film, they hired a comic writer to help a filmmaker. I have no doubt Ava made this call with the intent of improving her film. Tom King hasn’t made any crappy scripts, but Ava has made a poorly recieved Sci-fi fantasy film.

Just want to be clear that I’m not trying to drag Ava as a filmmaker. I would kill to see her make an Icon and Rocket film because I know she gets the subject matter and would only add to the characters authenticity and do Dwayne McDuffy right. If she hired King it shows me she is trying to make an authentic New Gods film that isnt a heavy handed metaphor for black/white race relations in usa. I have no doubt there will be undertones though…


I hope they both reference original JK material. He wrote spectacle.

As for sociopolitical undertones. I would certainly hope it does. The original Kirby run, through the 4 books is, is an allegory for what was happening in the country at that time, both in terms of race relations and the conflict in Vietnam.


What I seek in a New Gods movie:

-good story
-good character development
-the characters we expect: Orion, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Highfather, Darkseid, Granny Goodness (played by Dame Judi Dench preferrably), Parademons, the Female Furies (especially Lashina), etc
-a beautiful and awe-inspiring New Genesis
-a gritty and harsh Apokolips
-Boom Tubes (not like the ones in Justice League; more like the comic book and DCAU renditions)
-The Source Wall
-“By The Source!” becoming a popular catchphrase

I think Tom King can absolutely accomplish these things and then some.


@Desade I have no problems with political undertones. What I wouldnt want is New Gods to merely propanganda. I was seriously worried New Genesis was going to be “Wakanda” and Apokolips was going to be the 1800’s Southern States. I wouldnt want a New Gods movie from D’nesh D’Souza either, but if he was the director and it came out that he hired Tom King to help him write the story, I would give the film a chance
I’m pro democracy, but that Obi Wan line in Revenge of the Sith still makes my eyes role. Not what I’m looking for from Star Wars

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I think much is being made of Ava Duverney because she is a woman and is black. Let us not forge “A Wrinkle in Time” was absolutely awful. If she is at all capable of staying true to the source material (which I think she is not) then perhaps New Gods has a chance.


@Vroom, I hope the other thing we get is the two tiered structure of new genesis. The “gods” living up above and the “lower class” folks, like Forager. I think for all the grace and dignity we expect form NG, that it is still not a utopia it sometimes like to think or give the perception it is.

While it can’t happen (unless we could create a time machine) I wish we could get Julie Newmar for Big Barda. I think that is going to be the toughest role to cast. A very tall, strong female, with an amazing “rack”. That’s how Kirby envisioned her and it works.


@DeSade That would certainly be an interesting element to weave into the New Genesis side of the story.

As for Barda, offhand I’d say Jamie Alexander would be a good choice to play her. She was Sif in the MCU and did well with that role IMO. Height isn’t so much an issue for me as that can be achieved through photographic trickery and the like.

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My advice, which King helps with is trust the source material. The King and those who followed built a complex interesting world, don’t reinvent but interpret for the screen. Think Ava probably learned a lot from Wrinkle, New Gods should benefit from that.


So glad this died in production. Tom made baby Scott Free cry and the Ghost of Kirby cry too with his Mister Miracle run.

Also: how are they going to explain mother boxes in a New Gods movie after Snyder made then three death boxes?