New Gods Movie - Mr. Miracle & Big Barda

Rumors are floating around that the New Gods movie in developement could center around Mr. Miracle and Big Barda…

I am all for that. It helps hone in the storyline. When they first announced it, I was concerned bc I couldnt think about how they could squeeze such a big idea (like the New Gods) into a single movie.

This would make it a whole lot easier!

Check out the article below:


Awesome! Scott and Barda are a good point to anchor a story on.

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I can’t reach links thru this site for some reason, but speaking on the points u made b4 the link. I hoped for all things New Gods too. Big Barda & Scott Free live action is a dream come true. Again, I can’t see the link u provided, but I hope there’s something in it for the lifelong Kirby fanatics like me as well. I’d love a nod to Black Racer, to go way far back. To me tho, the female furries, New Genesis & Apokolips, including Granny Goodness, High Father, Darkseid, Orion, Lightray, the Bugs, Oberon,etc. are all musts when dealing with New Gods. Not all, but as many as possible, & if not in 1 movie, then in sequels. This “is” the movie all old school DC fans have wanted imo more then Aquaman. I loved, is not strong enough a word, for how I felt about Aquaman. However, the roots of DC precede him by a long shot when your talking Jack “The King” Kirby, you’re talking DC at its most essential & deeply rooted.

The movie should have a dedication to Kirby in the opening credits or in the end credits like the DCEU movies do via the Special Thanks credits.

Vroom. It was awesome when YJ put a dedication to Kirby this season. We’ve spoke b4 about it, but when u said pretty deep stuff for a Saturday morning cartoon. In relation to the stas episode where Dan Turpin dies, & is a ringer for Jack Kirby u nailed it. As it looks just like him & ends with Supes being the last to secretly visit his tombstone & bow his head. Followed by a dedication to Kirby in the credits. I said on other thread, if that wasn’t an animated version of Jack Kirby idk what is. I’ve thought that since the day that episode aired. I promise on my life, I just looked to find that episode name recently & rewatch it, & it said it “was” an animated version of him. That blew my mind, as I thought it was pure speculation on my part.

djd, they got everything right with “Apokolips, Now!” to a perfect degree.

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Vroom. Man, not only got it all right but it was heart wrenching. Which I guess falls under the getting it all right category lol, but just saying…deep.

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I am so scared but at the same time intrigued about how they are gonna be able to pull this story off coherently for the first movie. I mean I’m all for MM and BB being the anchor of the film but is everything else gonna be background or is it gonna be shared screen time with their story, and the Apocalypse/New Genesis war story including Darkseids origin and how they traded sons and ect… I’m kinda hoping we get a full season of Game of Thrones successfully told in one 2 hour and 30 minute movie. Closest successful film example I can think of is Lord of the Rings.