New Funko DC Primal Age black and grey Batman figure at Target.

I swung by Target earlier and I happened to come across six of this nifty repaint. Price is $11.99 and they were grouped together on the bottom of the Primal Age endcap.

At first, I thought this could’ve been a series two straggler but once I saw that the cardback was identical to the series one figures, I dispelled that notion.

I hadn’t heard of this repaint, but it’s a nice one. Batman’s accessories have been repainted to silver from gold.

FYI for interested parties =)


Can’t get myself to jump on board with these. Hope I don’t kick myself a year or two down the road.

Understandable. I get why some aren’t into them. I played with Masters of the Universe and DC toys alot when I was a kid, so this line is a “two great tastes that go together” thing for me.

Oh same here…I had a couple He-Man figures and loved watching the cartoon. I understand the appeal…maybe if the quality was a little more on the collector level I’d be more interested.

I would be happy if my local Target restocked any of the Primal Age figures.

I should have added I love the figures and the concept.

@LPCustom76, it looks like Target may be getting replenishments. The store I found the black and gray Batman at had a nearly full (everyone but King Shark) set of series one last night (Tuesday).

I’ve seen the pegs empty at this store over the last week, so they’re hitting again. Might want to go on a Target run in the next few days in your area. I wish you good luck in your hunt =)