New episodes of Super Hero Girls

They did the Gotham “somedays you just can’t get rid of a bomb” gag

I was extremely amused.

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Yes, that was a great callback.

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If DCU still gets its mitts on previously released series, post-HBOMAX. I hope DCSHG is one of them. It’s a fun show.

It is hillarious, and almost no one believes me when i talk about how clever the writing is.

I have this wish for an animated Teen Titans Go versus Super Hero Girls movie. but REALLY i want to see (Go!) Robin head to head with (SHG) Batgirl. They are BOTH such manic, neurotic nerds, the rivalry (turned crush) would be some high quality scenes.

A whole sequence where super robin and ace the bathound are the AMAZING duo we know they are.

The narrator who is ALSO the antagonist would be Bat-Mite, but after the first act Mxyzlplyx enters the mix, because Bat mite is messing with Supergirl.

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I think DCSHG would matchup better against the TT, rather than TTG. Serious up DCSHG just a bit and lighten up TT just a bit. That would be the better pairing.

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