New DC Universe Live Action Show Suggestions

Hello everyone! Curious as to what other series possibilities the community is interested in terms of new live action series, as the ones out have been very good and enjoyable in my opinion. Personally, I would love to see a lantern core series or a Dr. Fate series. What do you guys think would make a good series?


My personal top priority for live action DC production would be The Question. I imagine the tone as somewhere between Netflix’s Daredevil and HBO’s True Detective.


After the Swamp Thing run, I would love to see Ian Zering in a Blue Devil spin-off. He has the right talent to carry it, plus a long career in Hollywood to get that angle of the Danny Cassidy character. I hope that happens.


I think it’d be cool to see Charles Melton as Terry McGinnis for a Batman Beyond live action film.

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How about a Justice League Dark show? Many of the loose ends from Swamp Thing and Constantine could be addressed in a JLD show. We have Phantom Stranger, and Blue Devil as support characters. Give us an awesome Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Jason Blood/Etrigan, and we would be “cookin with gas”.


I would like a Martian Manhunter show probably feature flashback from mars and his human life featuring his detective work.

But I also was thinking maybe a League if Assassins/Shadows show. Showing origins of the league training of theTalia and Nissa. Other characters like Shiva, Ubu, Sensei, and maybe even David Cain or even Young Cassandra. Depending on how long it would go. Of course we’ll see more a Ra’s as well.


Blue Beetle live action


Birds of prey! I tried watching the old one that came out with Smallville and I just couldn’t get into it as much as I got into Smallville so I would really like to see them try their hand at that again. It was really cool, how Dinah didn’t have her traditional powers yet and whatnot. Plus, I think the daughter of Bruce and Selina was really cool to have on there. Barbara was like the mom of the group and it worked really well though.

Blue Beatle and Booster Gold.


Nightwing (spin-off from Titans)
Bane (more like Christopher Nolan’s version)


Doctor Fate


Phantom Stranger

:bat:Batman Beyond: long overdue! Every year there’s rumors that a film version is gonna be made but nothing happens. Someone please try the small screen!
:monkey_face: Detective Chimp!

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Kingdom Come!

Sign Swamp thing for season 2! Just finished the last episode on season 1 and we love the show!

I’d like to see Booster Gold & Blue Beetle, but I think that both of them are too expensive for DCU. I doubt horror is going to get another shot anytime soon after Swamp Thing, but Creeper would lend itself to horror so well.

Shameless Wildstorm plug, either a Grifter or Sleeper series wouldn’t fit in with the other shows, but would be different.



They’re probably not going to do it but I’d like a classic Earth 3 series, with the moral opposites of the main Earth heroes and villains. The Crime Syndicate vs. Owlman’s rogues!

Jokester / Jester
Riddler / Quizmaster
Lex Luthor / Lex Luthor
Three Face / ???
Duela Dent / Card Queen

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