New DC Trinity Figures at GameStop

Remember the DC Collectibles Jim Lee Blueline figures? The ones that looked like black & white pencil sketches? I was always semi-interested. Loved the pencils look, but didn’t like that they were black & white. Looks like they’re gonna release colored versions at GameStop, which I really like. Here’s Supes.



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Wonder Woman

Neat. I’d prefer Batman in black and gray. I’ll probably get Wonder Woman, she looks the best to me.

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Any word on when these are due for release?

Their website says August 30.

How’s about price?

26.99 each

I like the penciled look and off course Jim Lees art. thats not a bad price I would like to have the collection. I really need to save up for that 78 Superman by Iron studios. oh my good I love that one. Have any y’all see that one by Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale of Superman holy cow thats awesome Man I wish it wasn’t so expensive


Gamestop is getting to be the DC Place to Be as of late. New Multiverse, all of their exclusive Jim Lee merch (including Pops) and now these repaints.

I just with they were more consistent on a store to store basis of what they carry. I can go into one of their stores and it’s Collectible City. The next one is bone dry.


@Aquamon, which Hot Toys, the Chris Reeve version, or the 3 different Henry Cavill versions (MoS, BvS, JL)? The JL version is the only one that can be purchased (pre-order) at face value currently.

@Vroom, agreed about Gamestop…sometimes it’s pleasantly surprising walking into one. Also, wish they would at least somehow advertise or announce these exclusives somewhere. I stumbled on these here figures by coincidence…wasn’t even looking for collectibles.

@moro, yes I was referring to the the Christopher Reeve version its like $500 and some change holy cow. But it does look and function incredible.

I dont care for New 52 Superman’s design. But that is badarse


:neutral_face: kinda looks like WW has tats.