New DC Crossover

Justice League crossing over with Black Hammer. Don’t know anything about the latter, but I’m guessing this may excite a few of you. Will be checking it out when it arrives in the summer.


Black Hammer is amazing! It’s kinda like if David Lynch did Astro City.

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sounds intersting, can you tell me a little about Black Hammer

dckid13 , Black Hammer is about a group of heroes who are trapped in a small town after a cosmic crisis.

I read the first arc of it a while back and really enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure the first Library edition collecting the first 20 or so issues are on sale right now on Comixology for five bucks.

I usually think these cross-company crossovers are just gimmicky… BUT I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOU THIS!!

I’ve said it several times on these boards, the Black Hammer universe is my favorite thing in comics right now. All the series have been fantastic. Can’t wait for this.

I read the first issue of Black Hammer when it came out (thanks to a comic store employee’s recommendation) and thought it was pretty good.

I might give the first issue of this a whirl.

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Considering the big premise in Black Hammer of all fictional worlds having some kind of reality and connection together, this should be a lot of fun!

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Agree! Should be a blast if done right.