New DC Continuity Timeline

Bleeding Cool and other sites are displaying blurry version of a new DC Continuity Timeline

Has anybody a clearer version or better eyesight to read it.

In Generation 1, Basically Wonder Wonder now is the oldest superhero and is instrumental in creating the
Justice Society of America.

Generation 2 starts with Superman

Generation.3 is Crisis, which I guesss means the history could be changed.

Generation 4 is the Current DC Timeline


That’s interesting. I look forward to seeing the official version.

I wonder if, with Wonder Woman, if it will be that she was here in WWII, then left and came back much later. Like in the movies.

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Also same thing in TV series.

Maybe she meets Steve Trevor only in the present day.

From Bleeding Cool

Generation 1:
Dawn of The.Heroic Age
25 Year Time Window

Year 1 Krypton explodes.
Rocket crashes in
Smallville. Wonder Woman
debuts, Steve Trevor
crashes on Themescyria

Year 2 Jay Garrick debuts
as The Flash. Alan Scott
debuts as the Green
Lantern. Zatara debuts as a
stage magician. Dan Garrett
debuts as Blue Beetle.
Assembles Crew.

Year 3 JSA. Wonder
Woman (Redacted] Jay
joins JSA. Alan joins JSA.
Dinah Drake debuts as
Black Canary

Year 4 xxx American
Company enter European

Year 5 JSA Enters World
War II. Freedom Fighters
debut. Al-Star Squadron

Year 6 Thomas and Martha
Wayne xxx [Redacted]. xxx
debuts. Justice League
[Redacted] Newsboy Legion
supports the war effort at

Year 7 xxx debuts

Year 8 Wonder Woman
retreats to Themysicira
following atomic bomb
drop. Freedom Fighters

Year 9-11 blank.

Year 12 Dinah Lance born.

Year 13 Clark Kent
becomes Superboy, works
in secret. Creature
Commandoes debut

Year 14 Alfred Pennyworth
joins Wayne Family.

Year 15 Blank.

Year 16 Thomas and
Martha Wayne death.

Year 17 blank

Year 18 Senate bans
superheroes. Clark stops
being Superman. The Flash
[Redacted]. Alan retires as
Green Lantern. JSA
disbands. Dan Garrett goes
underground. Task Force X

Year 19 Arthur Curry’s
father dies. Black Manta’s
father dies. xxx arrives on

Year 20 Arthur meets The
Others’ Arthur meets Vulko.

Year 21 Arthur meets Orm.

Year 22 Blank.

Year 23 Blank.

Year 24 [Redacted]
Challengers Of The
Unknown formed

Year 25 Blank.

Feels very Earth Two.
This superman is 67 today

Generation 2: The Space Age - 15 Year Time Window

Year 1: Batman &
Superman. Batman debuts.
Year One, Superman
debuts. xxx

Year 2: xxx Batman Year
Two. xxx Aquaman debuts.
Barry Allen debuts as the
Flash. Flash Year One. Hal
Jordan debuts as Green
Lantern. Oliver Quinn
debuts as Green Lantern.

Year 3: Dick Grayson
debuts as Robin. World’s
Finest Batman and
Superman debut. Wally
West debuts as Kid Flash.
The Rogues debut. Sinestro
XXx Aquaman (Redacted]
Xxx [Redacted]

Year 4: Justice League of
America. Batman joins JLA,
Superman joins JLA,
Wonder Woman Returns
from xxx, xxx Diana joins
JLA, Barry joins JLA, Hal
joins JLA, Black Lantern xxx
JLA, Aquaman joins xxx,
xXx jons JLA, the xxx joins

Year 5: Doom Patrol. Donna
Troy xxx Wonder Woman
XXx, Barry xxx, xxx Green
Lantern xxx JLA, xxx

Year 6: Crisis of Two
Worlds. Teen Titans Debut
Dick, Wally, Garth, Roy,
Donna, Garth debuts as

Year 7: JSA Returns, JSA

Year 8: Supergirl arrives.
Superman [Redacted], Teen
Titans xXx, Flash xxx, xxX
xXx debuts as a Green
Lantern, Dinah and Ollie
fight Batman, xxx as
Aquaman, xxx returns xxx

Year 9: Ra’s al Ghul and
Talia debut, xxx JLA,

Year 10: Donna xxx, xxx

Year 11: Barbara Gordon
debuts as Batgirl, XXX, XXx
Green Lantern, Professor
Zoom xxx, The xxx War, xxx
[Redacted], xxx debuts, xxx

Year 12: New Teen Titans.
Wonder Woman xxx returns,
New Teen Titans debuts
Dick, Cyborg xxx, xxX, Xxx
XXx joins JLA

Year 13: Shazam. xxx black
xXx, Flash xxx, xxx the
throne of Aquaman, Billy
Batson XXx, XXX

Year 14: xxx debuts as the
new xxx , XXX, XXX, Ted
Kord debuts as Blue Beetle

Year 15: Crisis On Infinite
Earths Dick Grayson
returns as Nightwing, xxx as
xxx, Supergirl dies, the xxx &
Xxx, xxx the future xxx, The
Judas Contract, xxx, Barry
dies, Wally West debuts as
the Flash, [Redacted,
Aquaman dies, xxx

Generation 3: The Age Of Crisis
15 Year Time Window

Year 1: Justice League
International, Wallace West
born, xxx of Earth, xxx, xxx,
xxx Shazam joins JLI,
Captain Atom joins the JLI,
Blue Beetle joins the JLI,
John Constantine meets
Swamp Thing.

Year 2: Death In The Family,
Joker xxx, xXX up, Booster
Gold joins JLI, xxx

Year 3: Killing Joke,
Barbara Gordon paralyzed.
Wally West xxx , xXX returns

Year 4: Knightfall, Tim
Drake debuts as Robin,
Barbara Gordon xxx, Death
of Superman, Reign of the
Supermen, xxx, Blue Beetle

Year 5: Birth of xxx,
Superman Returns, xXx
debuts, Teen Titans xxx,
xxx, [Redacted] Kyle Rayner
as GL, xxx Black Canary
BOP Rise of Parallax xxx,

Year 6: Zero Hour. xxx,
Team Titans, xxX , XXX
Parallax, Final Night, xxx,
Aquaman xxx Mera, xxx

Year 7: JLI Replaced by
JLA. No Man’s Land,
Cassandra Cain debuts as
Batgirl, Harley Quinn
debuts, xxx Lane returns,
Xxx, Electric Superman
debuts, All-New Teen Titans
xxx, Kyle joins JLA,
Aquaman rejoins JLA,
Aqualad xxx, [Redacted],

Year 8: xxx, Year of xxx, xxx
return xXx, XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX
married xxx, xxx, Oliver &
Dinah xXx, xXX, XXX

Year 9: ldentity Crisis.
Stephanie Brown debuts as
Robin, xxx, Public xxx, xxx,
Death of, xxx, Teen Titans
xxx, Dina & Oliver xxx, xxx
JLA, xxx, xxx returns as
Aquaman, xxx, xXx,

Year 10: xxx of the xxx, xxx
returns, Oliver & Dina’s xxx,

Year 11: Infinite Crisis. xxx,
xxx, xxx, xxx returns, xxx

Year 12: xXX, XXX returns,
Donna Troy returns, xXx, xXX
for the xXx, xXx, XXX returnsS
to Earth,

Year 13: xXx, xXX, Teen
Titans xxx, xxx, [Redacted]

Year 14: Final Crisis. Xxx
[Redacted] xxx, the xxx, xxx,

Year 15: Blackest Night,
Flashpoint. xxx the team,
xxx, Blackest Night, xxx,
Dinah&Oliver separate,
Aquaman xxx & xxx, xXx,
XXX returns, xxx, XXX returns,
XXx, XXX returns to public
eye, xxx returns to public


Generation 4: The Flashpoint
5 Year Time Window

Year 1 Wildstorm.
Damian debuts as Robin,
Dick Grayson debuts as
Batman, Bruce returns,
Donna Troy takes over
Wonder Woman mantle,
War of the Green Lanterns,
Hal kills Mad Guardian.

Year 2-Justice League. Court of Owls, Damian Dies, Kryptonian Armour, Diana back as Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman becomes God
of War, Tim returns to lead Teen Titans, Wally and Bart disappear into time stream, Hal is Green Lantern in Justice League, Kyle debuts as the
White Lantern, Aquaman joins Justice League, Arthur crowned King again, Booster aware of timeline changes, vanishes, Plastic Man
hibernation, Billy Batson and Shazam joins Justice League, Vic Sage resurrected, Harley Quinn joins Suicide Squad,

Year 3 DC Rebirth. Damian returns, Jim Gordon briefly becomes Batman, Batman (Bruce) and Red Robin unite Gotham vigilantes as
formal team, 0z Effect, Joe-El Returns, Kents back in Metropolis, Wonder Woman relinquishes God Of War mantle, Original Titans reform,
Dick, Lilith, Wally, Garth, Roy, Donna, Teen Titans reform, Damian, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Wally returns, Ollie + Dinah back together, Ryan Choi returns, Booster returns, Ted Kord returns, Vic
assumes the Question identity again.

Year 4 Dark Knight Metal, New Age Of DC Heroes, Bat/Cat wedding, Rogol Zaar, Jon travels to future, Damian’s New Teen Titans, Robin, Kid
Flash, Crush, Red Arrow, Roundhouse, Bart Returns, The Terrifics formed, Plastic Man wakes from hibernation,

Year 5, Year Of The Villain,
Hell Arisen. Jon returns
from future/aged.

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Thanks TurokSonofStone1950, those BC photos are all blurry even when you expand them. I hope someone publishes that board in a way that can be read.

Your posting of their notes is much appreciated! It’ll be great if DC really sticks to this.


@Don el

You are welcome.

It is nice to see DC History in Summary Form


There are 4 eras

1 for 25 years
2 for 15 years
3 for 15 years
4 for 05 years

That is 60 years, but from 1938 is more than 80

Assuming 1938 and World War II are actual dates.

Currenty DC date is 1998 or 1999

Also if dont ignore first 25 years, Superman is 60 and Lois near that age?

Batman Year One was 35 years ago. How old is Batman?

Or is just what is canon in DC Comic History?

Or does everybody on DC Earth both age very slowly when an adult and age rather quickly when a child?


Thanks for the summary.

This is going to be interesting. If aging is introduced, the youngsters like Billy Batson are going to lose that element fast. The young ones have an interesting journey ahead of them though.

It’s going to be worse for those already adults. Believe me - aging takes it toll quickly in the middle ages. Ain’t going to be jumping the same rooftops 10 years later. :smiley:



I think the aging rate will need to be dealt with more carefully if they do this.

I saw Bendis mention that DC Millennium Supergirl President was 50 years in the future. Considering how old the artist made her look, either Kryptonians age the same rate as humans or she spent a good chunk of her life aging in another time (with the Legion?)


More on timeline

Some xxxx were filled in

Seems like DC current year IS
1999, because only 60 of 80 years covered

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I wish that the First Generation did not mention

Kal el arriving on Earth the same year as Krypton exploding in Year One

And the Death of the Waynes

Since only 60 out of 80 years are explored. That leaves twenty years missing.

In those twenty years, the voyage from Krypton could have taken much longer like Man of Steel with John Bryne and TV Supergirl.

And the Waynes could have murdered much later.

Still it is 35 years since All the major DC heroes, except for Wonder Woman, started their careers, making them at least 53 in this timeline. And Batman had to go all over the world to gain his skills, so he did not start being Batman at age 18.

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There is talk in Bleeding Cool that Jon will replace Kal el as Superman after he ages in the future with the Legion of Super Heroes.

Maybe the same time as Batman is replaced with a black version.

The New Timeline may be used as an excuse that Batman and Superman are too old.

But the timeline shows Flash and the others as the same age as Batman and Superman.

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“No Man’s Land, Cassandra Cain debuts as Batgirl”. I noticed they mention Steph as Robin, but not Spoiler. I’m betting that’s redacted for now.
This is a good start. Let’s see if they follow through properly. It still needs some kind explanation in the comics, and I’m no less skeptical of DC’s leadership after this announcement than I was before.

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