New DC Comics General Manager

New executive at DC Comics
From outside industry


Hmm. We’ll have to see whether or not Mr. Cherry has the goods as far as oversight is concerned. Upside- Jim Lee’s got a chance to really focus in on what he does best, so that’s a plus.


We shall see what this yields. In a worst case scenario where I don’t like the changes at least there is an enormous backlog that I have not yet tapped into, to read.


Activision? The Activision that made COD? The same Activision that uses micro transactions? The same Activision that made DESTINY???

Well i hope he does better at dc.


I don’t know enough to judge one way or another. I do wonder if he’ll be a presence at cons when/if they return.


Sounds like a really great marketer. But I don’t think this is the kind of leadership DC needs. Jumping from one shiny object to the next is the premier skill of a marketer. Always staying on the “newest” and “freshest” ideas. Personally, I think DC is suffering from too many “new” ideas. Always rebooting, always starting over. Always allowing every writer to apply their own special take on 70 year old characters. This type of leadership is incredibly damaging to the brand.

Obviously, we’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe he’s all about building a consistent brand. Maybe he’s super excited about mining the wealth of the DC backlog and resurrecting the appealing ideals that set a standard for almost five decades. Personally, I think such things have an extremely broad appeal to a hugely diverse set of readers. One can only hope.

Or maybe he’s going to be another nail in DC’s coffin. Someone who erodes at the brand by erasing history and starting over, yet again.

I think this is a strange choice but I am eager to see how this turns out. My immediate thought was that they should hire someone with a background in publishing but this could work. In all fairness Dan Didio came from cartoons before he was at DC so maybe videogames aren’t that much of a jump.

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