New DC Comics Fan: Please Suggest Storylines to Start With

I have been a longtime DC Animated Series fan, but now that I have DCUniverse, I’m starting to get into the comics. I’ve read the Killing Joke and I’m midway through the “Night of the Owls” storyline, but I’m looking for suggestions of “go to” storylines. I know of the Return of Batman, Superman: Red Son, Flashpoint, etc., but I’m looking for any other suggestions of what is best to start with for getting into the comics themselves.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

You’re going to get a lot of suggestions, but for a great team book that leans into DCs history, I suggest Johns JSA run.


If you feel you need a background in DC History I suggest these two videos (less than 3 hours)

Secret Origins History of DC Comics Golden Silver Bronze Ages of Comics

Justice League New Frontier
Reimagining Golden Age Batman Superman Wonder Woman as Silver Age of Flash Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter starts. That is 6 of the major Justice League Characters.

After that only need to know two recent reboots which are good starting ponts

2011 New 52 heroes younger
Lot of continuity loss except for Batman and Green Lantern

2016 Rebirth a lot of continuity put back
Key book DC Universe Rebirth Issue 1.

Geoff Johns shows up a lot in these lists. His works include

Aquaman 2011
New Teen Titans 2003
Green Lantern
Justice Society


Detective Comics 472 through
476 Engelhart and Rogers
Batman 2011 Snyder
Detective Comic 2016 Batman
Family Tynion

Wonder Woman

2016 Rucka
George Perez
John Byrne


John Byrne Man of Steel

Superman Lois and Clark
Superman 2016
These titles involve Jon Kent son of the pre 2011 Superman

Grant Morrison
JLA 1996
Batman and Robin 2009
Doom Patrol 1987
Animal Man 1988 not in library

Alan Moore
Saga of Swamp Thing 1982

James Robinson

Brad Meltzer
Justice League of America

Peter David
Aquaman 1994
Young Justice

Gail Simone
Villains United
Secret Six

Tom King
The Omega Men

Warren Ellis
The Authority

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@msgtv makes a good point. Johns JSA run is a helluva lot of fun and you get to learn some DC history from many original DC heroes. I back this choice. You won’t be sorry.

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Are you guys suggesting
Geoff John inital JSA run or his later run Justice Society which includes Kingdom Come Superman?!÷Q

I prefer the later run.

The first issue of JSA with members Starman and Queen Hippolyta seemed an odd group of members.

In the second run he had full control of who to select and Alan Jay and Ted combined with new members like Cyclone seemed to really jell.

Of course in the later run Johns was a much more experienced writer.


There are the obvious Batman ones, such as Long Halloween, The Dark Knight Returns, Year One, Killing Joke, etc…

It also depends on how far you want to go back. If you don’t want to go too far back I would choose which characters you’re interested in and jump in at the beginning of the New 52, or Rebirth and then make your way up.

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Lists Reading Orders for various characters which were found in News Section

Nathan.Payson has a Massive Rebirth Reading Order. See Comic Book Forum. There is a big picture of many DC characters as part of thread.

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Bumped up Thread so top of Support.


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A few stories that are easy to digest for new readers:

Superman: Two recommendations:

  1. For Tomorrow. From Superman (1986-2006) #'s 204-215.

  2. Son of Superman, from Superman (2016-2018). Read the Superman: Rebirth one-shot, then issues 1-6 of the same series.

Batman: THE go-to of go-to Batman stories: Hush. Issues 608-619 of Batman (1940-2011).

Wonder Woman: issues 1-6 of her New 52 series, which ran from 2011-2016.

Justice League: JLA (1996-2006) #'s 1-4.

I’m not going into the mechanics of why each is a recommendation. Rather, you can discover the joys of each 100% for yourself.


I also recommend JSA (1999-2006). It’s one of Geoff Johns’ best books, and that’s saying something.


Legion of Super-Heroes, starting around issue #281

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Anything from the Sliver Age/Bronze Age. The old stuff is classic especially the Brave and The Bold stuff


The new 52 run of swamp thing is what made me fall in love with the character and with the show going on right now I think it’s a great character to dig into! Happy reading

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I haven’t seen this anywhere on the list, and I just have to say that Batman Black Mirror is absolutely AMAZING! Dick Grayson is Batman because of various events in Batman around that time, but don’t worry. That doesn’t take up too much of the story. It’s a great and creepy mystery by Scott Snyder (who wrote the Court of Owls/Night of the Owls storyline). It’s from Detective Comics, but I don’t remember the exact numbering. Anyway, I’d really suggest that you go check it out. Also maybe Crisis on Infinite Earths, but there’s a lot going on in that, and you might want to familiarize yourself with the DCU a little first.


Thanks everyone for all the responses! I’m both a Batman fan and JSA so there’s a lot here for me to choose from, but it’s great to hear so many suggestions and the rationale for the choices.

I’ll second Black Mirror referenced above. There’s so much to mine here it’s hard to limit choices. I’m a Grant Morrison fan so I re-read All Star Superman and his run on JLA. I also just dug into his run on Doom Patrol. If you like Batman, can’t go wrong digging into any of the O’Neill/Adams stuff from the 70s. I also dig in Greg Rucka. Gotham Central was my intro to him and it’s still one of my favorite runs of all time.

Jeoff Johns origin storys. They’re solid.

There are tons of amazing suggestions here, so I’m just going to mention the Detective Comics of the late 1980s, especially from #601 on. Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle really defined the character in this time period, and The Mud Pack is one of my favorite all-time story arcs.

With Batman, the Court of Owls saga is nearly perfect. Not your typical Justice League, but Justice League Dark has some great adventures with the more magical heroes. Almost any title with Year One in it. Kingdom Come is a quick 4 issue comic regarding the traditional superheroes against the newer vigilante heroes really packs a punch. Great art by Alex Ross.

For sheer hilarity Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard Traveling Heroz and All-Star Section 8 - one’s super power is drunkenness another’s is welding dog corpses to people’s face. horrorwise: The Witching Hour tells tales of macabre and hosted by witches.

Forever Evil is unique because all 3 Justice Leagues (JLA, JL, and JLD) are dead. The Crime Syndicate comes to conquer earth. Villains that resist form the Injustice League.

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Not a bit storyline guy, if the title character can’t hold my interest issue to issue than I’m probably going to bounce at some point anyway, but a storylines that I really like is, The Story of Jokes and Riddles, The Judas Contract, and my personal favorite The Authority #22 -29. yes it is the end of the first run, so too get up to date you should read the first 21 issues to get up to speed before reading the best storyline The Authority had.