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So how does the release schedule work for DC Universe? I’m currently on the one week trial, but I’m looking for some clarity on how this stuff gets released. Is it just the usual release schedule, but 6 or so months behind?


New comics get put on DCU one year after they are released. There are a handful of exceptions, I believe, but nearly everything is on here a year after it is published. New animated movies are on DCU 3 months after their release.

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Oh wait, does anyone know what day DCU updates? I figured it was today, but it’s still the same comics as yesterday.


Every Tuesday

Click at News on Main Menu

Usually there is an article listing the new comics

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As @TurokSonOfStone1950 mentioned, you can find lots of info in our News section, as well as in the community’s Watchtower category!

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Depending on your time zone, new to DCU comics are available every Monday night, however Tuesday is indeed when the new books are available to all (as others have said) regardless of time zone.