New Comics Roundup For May 8th, 2019

Hey all you hep cats and comic fans, it’s almost Wednesday aka New Comics Day!

This week, the top books I’m jonesin’ for are:

-Batman and The Outsiders #1
-Hawkman #12
-Shazam! #5
-Justice League Odyssey #9
-Supergirl #30

What brand new comics are YOU looking forward to this week?

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Detective Comics #1003
The Flash #70 (Flash Year one)
Batman Who Laughs #5
Justice League Odyssey #9
Batman and the Outsiders #1
Wonder Twins #4
War of the Realms: Agents of Atlas

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Dang that’s a long list…

I’ll give the new ish of Flash a whirl. It’s not a Top Pick for me, but generally speaking, I do love Howard Porter’s art.

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Batman and Outsiders
Black Hammer

Didnt enjoy
Justice League Odyssey
Wonder Woman

So so

Still not read
Savage Sword of Conan
House of Whispers
Red Hood
Batman who Laughs
Wonder Twins
War of Realm Agents of Atlas

Thursday is Wednesday for me So tomorrow

Catwoman #11
Batman and the Outsiders #1
Batman Detective comics #1003
Justice League Odyssey #9
Shazam #5
The Batman who Laughs #5
The Flash #70
WonderWoman #70

Six Days The incredible story of D-Day Lost Chapter