New Comics Roundup For May 29th, 2019

Greetings Swamp dwellers and Thing folk! It’s Wednesday once more, which means…brand new comics! Smell the joy!

Here’s a list of DC’s new single issue releases this week (courtesy of

-Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1
-Catwoman Annual #1
-DC Superhero Girls #10
-Detective Comics Annual #2
-Dog Days of Summer one-shot
-Doomsday Clock #10
-Heroes in Crisis #9
-Superman: Leviathan Rising Special
-The Wild Storm #23

I’m excited for:

-Doomsday Clock #10
-Superman: Leviathan Rising Special
-'Tec Annual #2

I’ll give Last Knight #1 a whirl too. I’m kind of burned out on SnyderBats ATM, but we’ll see what it’s like.

What new comics from DC and beyond are you eager to dive into this week friends?


Comicbook shopping list this week

Doomday Clock #10
Heroes in Crisis #9
Superman Leviathan Rising Special #1
Batman Last Knight on Earth
Batman Detective Annual #2
Catwoman Annual #1

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Good list! I’m on the fence about finishing Heroes in Crisis.

Superman: Leviathan
Catwoman Annual
Heroes in Crisis
Doomsday Clock
Detective Comics Annual
Batman: Last Knight on Earth
The Wild Storm

Quite expensive these books

Dont expect anything great except for Geoff Jones

I believe this is the last issues so I am in til the bitter end

@AnimalPerson Given your dedication, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the Heroes in Crisis finale.

Okay I’ll give a short review after I’m done reading it probably this weekend

Right off the bat I’m not that familiar with the character Wally West

AP, have you read any of the Rebirth Titans series by chance?

No I haven’t but I will

The only Titans I have read is the current one that just ended not that many at that