New Comics Roundup For June 5th, 2019

Happy day fellow four color fanatics, it’s Wednesday! Another New Comic Day has arrived and with it a bountiful bevy of books from DC and beyond!

In case you’re not 100% sure on what’s new this week from DC, here’s a handy list of their new single issue releases from

-Adventures of the Super Sons #11
-Batman #72
-Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #2
-DCeased #2
-Deathstroke #44
-The Dreaming #10
-Female Furies #5
-The Green Lantern #8
-Harley Quinn #62
-Justice League #25 (a Year of the Villain prelude; also, the series’ new logo debuts on this issue)
-Shazam! #6
-Young Justice #6

I’m excited for:

-Young Justice #6
-Adventures of the Super Sons #11
-Shazam! #6
-The Green Lantern #8
-Justice League #25
-Deathstroke #44

What’s on tap for your new comic picks this week?


The Green Lantern teams with Green Arrow this week right? That should be exciting, a callback to the classics when they use to team up. According to Liam Sharps twitter, Morrisons Green Lantern is the bestselling DC comic after Batman and Event comics.

Thoughts on Shazam? Ive heard good things. Doesnt surprise me since Johns Shazam backstory run in New 52 Justice League was so good.

Young Justice should be another fun read. I think Bendis really shines with the younger heroes, Young Justice, Naomi, Miles Morales, etc.


Will Enjoy
Black Hammer Jeff lemire
Red Sonja
Meet the Skrulls undercover family

Dont undestand all
Green Lantern
Justice League
The Dreaming

On the fence still
Yoing Justice
Uncanny X men ending soon

Adventues of Super Sons

Buy just to stay current
Female Furies

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@MajorZuma Regarding your points:

Shazam! is your standard Johns book, which means you should buy it ASAP.

I liked the new ish of The Green Lantern. Trippy and fun, which I feel is an apt summation of Morrison’s Green Lantern run so far.

Young Justice #6 was good. No spoilers, but some questions are answered.

The commonality of them all is that they’re fun and absolutely worth a look.

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Picked up Green Lantern #8 (loving it, perhaps my favorite Lantern series if it keeps going the way it is) and Paper Girls #29, the penultimate issue. Nearing the end of something you’ve been following (or getting confused by) for years is always bittersweet, but sure Vaughan will stick the landing. Then it’s back to Saga haha. Also snagged the Vision hardcover to keep catching up on Tom King.

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@DeadmanBrand I read Paper Girls when it started and enjoyed it alot. I’m glad it’s managed to last for a while.

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Just finished Batman-great looking book and Shazam-like but the secret kid land seems recycled, love final panel
Still to Read GL, JL and Supersons

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First week of the month is always a slobberknocker of a lineup for DC. It’s really, really hard for me to pick which comic to read first.

I think my order will be:

  1. Justice League #25
  2. Young Justice #6
  3. Green Lantern #8
  4. Shazam! #6
  5. Batman #72
  6. DCeased #2
  7. Adv. of the Super-Sons #11 (probably will wait for #12 to read them together)

Happy reading, all!

@Super-Squirrel I find my “slobberknocker week” is the one where Superman, Supergirl, Red Hood: Outlaw and more come out. It’s The Week of a given month for me.

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